Monday, December 14, 2009

Lots of blackheads! How do i get rid of them??

I have a lot of them on my nose. I have tried everything from the strips to the clensers and everything! I know they're not that noticible from far away but if you get really close you can see all of them! I tried plucking them or whatever you call it, and i can't get them out! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!Lots of blackheads! How do i get rid of them??
An ideal mask that extracts dirt and oil from clogged pores can be made by using orange peel and yogurt.It also opens up the clogged pores that cause acne and blackheads.Clay masks used regularly helps pull out trapped oil and dead skin.Check out for more useful tips to control blackheads.Lots of blackheads! How do i get rid of them??
Avon has an excellent product for that.
Brown sugar massages, daily, might help.
That's strange, Biore usually works.
You should try Biore Strips.
exfoliate at least once a week, but don't scrub to hard, it won't help.

wash your face at least once a day.

that worked for mine.
if you go get a facial they will get rid of them for you =]
you should definetly try zapzyt. i had a crapload of blackheads on my nose, and a bunch of other problem areas, and i heard good things about it so i used it. it works amazing, seriously cleared up my face. its only 5$ and you can get it at any pharmacy i think? just try it
i would suggest a professional facial
I have them too!!! The nose holds soooo many...I have some Biore pore cleansing strips though...They really do work! They get rid of quite a few of those stubborn blackheads! Sadly, some of my big, stubborn blackheads didn't come out. Oh puberty...haha Remember when we were babies and had none at all?!
I hear that Proactive Solution is good
squeeze them
what you really need is a srcub but make sure that is does not has aprocot nuts that will leave smal scares cliniqueis the best it will get rid of your blackheads trust me
try clean %26amp; clear it works real good

but wash your face with hot water to let your pores open and apply the acne treatment

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