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Large pores and blackheads on nose. how to eliminate?

i've had good skin my whole life but i've always had big pores and blackheads on my nose. how do i get rid of this crap? i have used those biore strips but those can only get so many blackheads out and does not shrink the pores. what gives?Large pores and blackheads on nose. how to eliminate?
Large pores are caused by a few different things. First and most irritating: genetics. Some people have naturally large pores. Do other family members have large pores also? That's a good indication. Everyone gets blackheads on the nose because that is one of the spots on the face that has the most active sebaceous glands. But if you keep your skin well-exfoliated the oil will flow freely out of your pores instead of becoming trapped under dead skin cells. You should also do a clay-based mask once or twice per month and steam at the same time. This helps a lot. Biore pore strips do not and will not shrink pores and can actually stretch and enlarge pores further. This is because an oil plug is teardrop-shaped with the larger end on the bottom. The strips pull the plug out from the top instead of being extracted with pressure from the bottom (like it would be during a facial) the large bottom will stretch the pore on it's way out, sometimes causing an irregular-shaped pore that will always fill up regardless of what you do. So be careful with those! (aka: don't use them) It's unrealistic to expect that you can completely rid yourself of blackheads altogether but by using a gentle cleanser (one that does not strip the skin) toner and appropriate moisturizer coupled with twice weekly exfoliation and once or twice monthly masking/steaming you should be able to manage the number and frequency of blackheads. Also, your pores will look bigger if they are full. They should look smaller once the sebum plug is removed or dissolved. A good thing to try for an exfoliant is a sprinkle of baking soda with your normal cleanser. I hope this helps!Large pores and blackheads on nose. how to eliminate?
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I recommend that you use a clay mask. That helps draw out the dirt and oil plus it shrinks your pores. Its works for me. :-)
Get an extractor to squeeze the blackheads out. Blackheads are made up of excess oil. Also use a toner. Toners cool and refresh the skin. It has an astringent effect which tightens the skin temporarily and makes pores appear smaller. In other words, they cause casoconstriction (constriction in the capillaries) and help to refine the pores. They also contain humectant such as glycerin which attracts water to your skin. The humectant will help to keep moisture in the upper layers of skin by holding back its evaporation. If you have greasy skin, use a higher percentage alcohol content of toner. Balanced skin use 10% to 25%. Dry skin, 0%-20%. Sensitive, 0%-10%.
after you get out of the shower squeeze it out.....and get a pore refining masque and a pore shrinking lotion.....more things to reduce the size of pores are gimmicks though.....size of pores is hereditary
There is really nothing that you can do about the size of the pores. You can eliminate the dirt clogging the pores by either getting a facial, or giving yourself one. Cleanse your face in your normal way and then fill a bowl with boiling water and put a towel over your head and your face over the steaming bowl and stay there until you sweat. You can come up for air a few times, but let you face have a good steaming. Squeeze out the cores of the blackheads. Splash your face with cold water, pat dry with a towel. Use an astringent or toner, if you wish. You will be slightly red for about half an hour but you will notice that your pores are not clogged with dirt and appear less noticeable.
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I've always used oatmeal. Plain, unflavored, Quaker Oatmeal. Just put in in a blender and grind it until it's almost powder. Then take a bit in the palm of your hand and mix it with just a little bit of water to make it pasty (like pancake batter). Then, put it on really oily spots and let it dry. Once completely dry, wash of with warm water. Then, to close your pores, wash your face with really COLD water.

Also, try a steam machine that can be purchased at most beauty stores. When steaming, put a towel over your head to enclose the steam, but only steam for about 10 minutes. Afterward, drink a few glasses of water to replenish.
try using a toner after you wash your face. Use a deep cleaning mask 2x a week.
Get a facial. I know it is girly but you will never feel cleaner, and while there get a pore minimizing treatment. They can usually sell you the products there for follow ups.

For at home I use this skin regimine:


deep more scrub

2% salycilic acid face wash

poor minimizing and hydrating mask

Finish with a lotion containing spf15 and 2% salycilic acid

Once a week I will use a poor strip.

You'll see results in 2 days.

Best of luck, and for god sake whatever you do don't squeeze. This causes scarring and blotchy skin.
i use st.ives apricot scrub on the area where blackheads nest.after scrubing and washing with warm water i use ice on my face.
I used to have a terrible condition of acne, so about pores and blackheads i could tell you a thing or two .... first of all avoid using products formulatted with animal products or with mineral oils... these will not get absorbed by our skin and will clog pores causing them to appear larger... i started using botanically based products with a pH balance, formulatted without fragrances and with amazing results... check them out ... they are called arbonne, ask them for some samples or for help on choosing which product .... i buy them online at:
Be careful which advice you get, while some products may further damage your skin. Better yet, consult a dermatologist for an acnecare solution. Or, learn more by browsing this site for skincare tips and product details.
Easy. drink plenty of water and wash your face with warm water morning and night. keep your hair clean. get those pore pack things.
try soaking you face in some hot water and then clean it with alcohol! hope i helped!
You can try this natural pore minimizing recipe:鈥?/a>
I generally use pore strips, but if they haven't worked for you, maybe you didn't keep it on long enough, or you didn't stick it on properly, depends!

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