Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What do blackheads look like?

What do black heads look like? I think I have one. It's on the edge of my lip, it's not red or anything, and it has a little hole. Kind of looks like a pimple, but it's not white or red. Doesn't hurt, it's just there. When i squeeze it a clear/yellowish puss comes out like a snake (firm, not watery).What do blackheads look like?
they look like this -----%26gt; .

but on your face.What do blackheads look like?
could be this is what they look like,,, i have a big problem with them :(

its a little black spot that can sometimes look white,

if you run your finger over it it will feel like a tiny bum.

after you've squeezed it hold a luke warm cloth over it for a while until it goes down.鈥?/a>
Yes! You have a blackhead. Blackheads get their name because the material inside the pore takes on a darker color. That material is made up of excess oil that has begun to oxidize because of contact with air. However, you should really try not to pick at blackheads as this can cause scars!

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And, here's some advice on dealing with blackheads:

To loosen them, try this at home facial steam: Scatter 1/2 cup of loose chamomile tea (available in health food stores) into a large bowl and pour boiling water on top. While tea steeps, lean over the bowl with a towel draped over your head, and let your face steam.

Once they are loosened, dry your skin and use Biore Pore Strips or an exfoliating scrub from your drugstore.

Hope I helped! Rachel Hayes, Editorial Director of Daily Makeover
Yea those are blackheads. I get the same thing coming out of my nose.
They're just tiny small black dots on your face. Dirt inside your pores.

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