Saturday, December 26, 2009

Is it okay to pop blackheads?


because when you pop i only 75% of that bacteria goes away and the other 25% stay in the skin then that builds up into another bigger blackhead and if your pop that on it will leave an acne scar with looks like hole in your face.Is it okay to pop blackheads?
only if they are right on the surface and you have clean hands. if they are on your nose you can use pore strips by biore. if they arent on your nose you can somtimes find pore strips by biore that come with strips for your nose and the rest of your faceIs it okay to pop blackheads?
Try steaming them out with hot water first, and then use peroxide before attempting to pop them. Your fingernails have too much bacteria in them, which will only antagonize your situation.
i have found that its best to leave it all alone

don't pick, squeeze, rub

the more you leave it alone the faster it will go away
yeah just make sure you wash your face before and after and that you put some medicine on it to avoid it getting the pore clogged again
i suggest pop all them niggas

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