Saturday, December 26, 2009

Breasts covered in blackheads?

it's not very attractive and quite embarrasing!

i shower daily and use exfoliater.

all my pores are just disgusting tho! and my face is covered!

i guess i must just have really big pores and dirt gets trapped there easily....but what can i do to fix it?

its embarrasing!Breasts covered in blackheads?
I completely know what you mean. I recently found out that the best treatment for blackhead is this:

2% beta hydroxy acid. This is the same substance as salicylic acid (one of the two most common acne treatments). But the important thing is that you need a higher strength than the .5% that you will find in clearasil or what ever drug store treatments you find.

I bought Paula's Choice brand of this online. It dries out your skin at first. So have moisturizer on hand-- Oil of Olay with SPF 15 is good. But Walmart's Oil of Beauty is better (it's the same but cheaper!)

And when you start to peel a bit, take a break for a few days. And buy a mild exfoliator and use it on the specific area that is peeling.

Here is what I like best about 2% beta hydroxyl acid:

It has been proven to clean the inner surface of your pore--The actual lining of your pores. Doesn't that sound nice? That fact alone is pretty awesome.Breasts covered in blackheads?
try witch hazel astringent
I have black heads on my breasts too. not a lot just in the middle . but they usually go away if i push them out. and yes its horribly embarrassing. good luck
Are you sure its blackheads and not ACTUAL hair? I'm not trying to make a joke. But it might be hair....because I've never head of blackheads on the breasts.

But I suggest you go to your gynecologist and ask him/her about it if nothing else works. Asking on yahoo won't really help. Get help from a professional.
I have 2 blackheads on my nipples. i can mash them out but they come back. I guess i am lucky it's only two.I also have whiteheads on my nipples i cannot mash those so i have to live with it. I tried mashing one before caused infection and had to go to the doctor. He said just leave them alone.
seriously the only way to get rid of existing blackheads are to pop them and clean out the pore.. then start using some proactive
bathe with tea tree oil products
why not consult a doctor about the problem...i don't know how you can have blackheads...there but umm maybe it's because of the sweating and dirt...try putting some baby powder after you put either oil or body lotion on. it'll keep you dry and feeling soft...
I'm so sorry that a lot of people have given you horrible answers on this!

As someone who has had acne before, and also someone who has worked in a dermatology clinic, I can reassure you that it is completely normal to get spots and blackheads on your breasts. After your face your chest is one of the areas where you have the most sweat glands - so it only makes sense that if you're prone to oily skin you may also have problems with your chest.

If you see your GP they should recommend a course of antibiotics - this will at least lessen the effect of the blackheads.

It is very annoying, but some people are just 'open-pored' and as a result will get more blackheads. So don't beat yourself up about it - am sure no one notices but yourself!!
you poor thing. I can't begin to understand how much this must be annoying you. I suffered with acne (which is basically what you have) for years, and only going to see my dr helped. Shop bought lotions etc will most probably not work as the problem is to do with your oil production. This can be helped with diet, and possibly some medication off your dr. Good luck!!
You lie!
I never heard anyone with that. I dont know.
It certainly is embarrasing - good luck
ewwww. That really is embarrassing try a diff kind of exfoliator
Ah! wth!!! ) :

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