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How to get rid of blackheads?????????????

any good products or techniques? :)How to get rid of blackheads?????????????
DON'T squeeze them! If they are on your nose use a product from Boots/Superdrug called Biore. Keep the area affected scrupulously clean and do not use heavy cleansers/face creams. Splash cold water on the area to close the pores. Try to cut down on eating greasy food. Once a week use a medicated face mask.How to get rid of blackheads?????????????
-Don't touch, pick or try to pop a pimple, this will just spread the bacteria to other parts of your face and could cause further outbreaks, it could also cause permanent scarring.

-Drink plenty of water. This will flush out the toxins in your body through your kidneys, instead of through your skin pores, which could cause outbreaks. You should aim to drink 8-10 glasses a day.

-Every half an hour, apply an ice pack to the pimple and hold it there for 120 seconds, this will decrease inflammation, redness and reduce pain that sometimes come with pimples.


Crush up 1-2 asprin tablets, form a paste with it and apply to the pimple. Wash off with warm water.

-At night, apply normal toothpaste, leave it on overnight, and in the morning wash off with warm water.


Apply a drop of alcohol which will reduce inflammation and redness.


Apply fresh lime juice to the pimple, this has also be known to reduce inflammation and redness.

-Get a bit of cloth or rag, clean it, then warm it up using hot/warm water. Hold over the pimple for 5 minutes. Repeat this twice a day. This will help the circulation to the pimple and help the ';head'; to form faster.

-You should aim to cleanse, wash, gently exfoliate and moisturize your skin TWICE a day.

These tips are what i've heard off my mum and friends of mine, I have used a few of these remedies and they are brilliant!! I hope i've helped you, good luck xx
Drinking enough water is key (average of 1.5 ltrs a day), and you can buy nose strips in any pharmacy that will lift blackheads out (you wet the back of the strip then leave it on your nose for 10-15 minutes). People with oily skin are more prone to blackheads and I feel your pain! Washing your face twice a day with a decent facewash is also important.
This one, I have NEVER heard before, and my boyfriend did it and it actually worked, haha.

He says that you have to wash your face ten times in a row, with COLD water and mild soap. They sort of just came to the surface and he was able to get almost all of them out.

It doesn't make sense, since cold water closes the pores, but it worked for him, and then I tried it, and it worked for me, too.
.The single most important way to care for your skin is to treat it internally, through proper nutrition and hydration.

Drinking plenty of water and perhaps taking a supplement such as Omega3 is a great way to start looking after your
uhg. okay i answered the exact same question yesterday too.

just squeeze them out. it is the most effective technique and way better than all the products out there. you will be surprised by all the gunk that comes out of your pores. yes. lol
Biore pore strips. I reccomend these to everybody with blackhead problems.鈥?/a>
Black head

I have found some good tips in following link, It may be good for you too鈥?/a>
Those sticky strips are very good - Biore are the best ones. You just have to remember to use them on wet skin not dry, otherwise they don't work.
attend a sauna or steam room once or twice a week and you should start to notice a difference plus your skin will become much smoother :)


Try a steam room it opens up your pores and gets rid of the crap.
A Cream with 5% benzoyl peroxide two time a day on the black head areas. Mary Kay sell one. Its the best.

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