Saturday, December 26, 2009

BLACKHEADS GALORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! How to destroy them?

I have tried many products and many many many ways to wash my face to get rid of these blackheads! i have them on my nose and chin...they are AWEFUL and drive me insane what to do ???? how can i get them to disappear???????BLACKHEADS GALORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! How to destroy them?
For years I have used this.....

I would wash my face with Purpose bar soap from Johnson and Johnson (it is in a silver and blue box and lasts for months) after washing my face I would use a mask from Milk of Magnesia and let it dry hard on my face. (Mint works best) After that I will take castor oil on my finger tips (enough to coat not too thin but not too thick either) and smear it all over my face and then start from the bottom, massaging upward especially where I have pimples or blackheads. As you massage you will feel like tiny grains of sand coming out. Wash you face again to get the castor oil off and then just dab on larger pimples for over night. A good moisturizer should easily be absorbed in the skin and not leave a greasy residue. When you wake up in the morning wash your face again and moisturize. Do this the first week every other day. When you start to see most of your blemishes diminish keep cleaning your skin with the soap daily and do the mask and oil once to twice a week or more often if you see them come up more often. Use a mineral based makeup or water based foundation. This will help some as well. Use tissues to absorb excess oil and not more powder. I hope this works for you. It has for me for 25 yrs and it has for my husband for the past 12. Sometimes the old remedies are the best. If worst comes to worst see a dermatologist.BLACKHEADS GALORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! How to destroy them?
The blackheads are medically known as pen comedones (singular comedo). They are yellowish or blackish bumps or plugs on the skin. Generally, a blackhead is considered as a type of Blackhead vulgaris (blackhead). It is caused by excess oils that have accumulated in the duct of sebaceous gland those are present beneath the skin. Blackhead is typically caused by excessive oil and makeup that can facilitate the multiplication of its causative microorganism.

For Home Remedies for Blackheads - How to Treat Blackheads at Home, Check the link below :
some parlours vacuum them with a special gizmo.

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