Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What works for blackheads. please help?

i went to the zoo and sweated a lot. now i have blackheads along my nose and forehead.

i was thinking about getting the neutrogena wave. does that work?

if that doesnt work, what would?

this is the first time it happened and school starts in 5 days.

could i get rid of them by then?

any suggestions would be great.What works for blackheads. please help?
Don't you just hate that? It seems like they only come before people have school or work! I do think that 5 days is enough time for them to go away. I don't know anything about neutogena wave so I couldn't tell you about that but I do know that doctors can prescribe acne creams that work fast and picking one up in CVS like neutrogena or w/e can do good proabably depending on your skin. I think different creams are made for different types of skin. The best is to keep your face clean at all times like wash it, shower a lot. The key is to keep it clean.

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