Saturday, December 26, 2009

How do you get rid of blackheads?

gahhh!!! this sucks!! need help pleaseHow do you get rid of blackheads?
I suggest you use Biore pore strips. They will take them out within 10 minutesHow do you get rid of blackheads?
Biore deep cleansing pore strips work really good to take off blackheads i've used it before... u should try them! u can buy them at walmart or any drugstore... and they work really good and always take out the blackheads!
u can just biore strips and apply on the nose to remove the black heads of the nose...i tht u can also use garnier light mask to remove the blackheads...if not u can go for facial f0r just the blakcheads...u can try sg website at 88db..they gt few recommended facial salons...if not just find a reponsible beautician will do...i tht u can also use squeeze the black heads..
Well, do you have a few blackheads or do you have large pores that stay clogged all the time? If you have the latter then I'm sorry my friend, but there is not much that you can do. You inherit your skin from your parents. You cannot shrink the pores that you were born with. BUT, you can make them appear smaller and a lot less noticable. See your dermatologist. Something like retin-A or Differin gel should help tremendously. Hang in there and Good luck!!!
use st. ive's apricot scrub.

or take those sticky nose strips.
get those sticky things that pull them out.
try exfoliating the skin, try also a mild cleaner, them i heard using warm milk to wash face will help, also do not use baby oil and make up, but warm milk helps.
you pop them
Get proactive! this stuff really works I use it all the time but sometimes a don't for a couple of days and I start to break out and then use it again and I am completely clear of aall blackheads and ance so I definatly recomned this stuff they have comercials for it that I see sometimes where you can order it! THIS REALLY WORKS TRY IT!!
a cleanser i guess.....i have to get rid of them

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