Saturday, December 26, 2009

Does sunbathing get rid of blackheads?

Okay well ive struggled with blackheads for years but the other day my nose was nearly completely clear..i looked in the mirror and almost didnt recognize my nose....i did sit out in the sun for a couple hours with salycidic acid moisturizer on my nose and then had lacrosse practice and after all this my nose was almost completely clear....Does sunbathing get rid of blackheads?
It's not the sunbathing that diminished your blackheads but because you were sweating from practice and the heat your sweat pushed out all the dirt and oils from your pores.

Try boiling water and pour it into a bowl. As you see the steam rise, carefully put your face over it with a towel over your head. You could also try having a really hot bath.

Hope this helps :)Does sunbathing get rid of blackheads?
no, the reason why people think sunbathing can clear your pimples is because it gives u tan,which makes it appear less noticable.but the truth is, it will just give u a higher risk of skin cancer.the best thing i used to clear a black head was Clearasil blackhead remover facial works really well.i had this blackhead for like a month or two, and i didnt knw that it was a blackhead because i never got one,well i brought that product and used it once at night and over time,it fell off and its clear.wear sunscreen also.sunscreen helps protect your skin from blemishes and making your acne worse.
I only know that sunbathing can lead or will lead to cancer....

Just washing your face everyday with soap and water is all you need to do for blackheads and pimples....Do AM %26amp; PM.

Rinse the soap off real good..........that should do it.

Try to avoid the sun for any long periods of time....

It's great for vitamin D, but so is Milk.!
I've been told by my dermatologist that for certain types of spots that sunbathing is a good idea. Spots on my face always seem to disappear after spending time in the sun... hey whatever works go for it I say.

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