Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Have you seen Palins mustache and blackheads on newsweek?

do we really want a woman with that poor of Hygiene one heartbeat away from the presidencyHave you seen Palins mustache and blackheads on newsweek?
LOL!!!!!! Quick, call witch doctor Muthee to pray away the acne!

';Make a way, Lord, make a way.';

Liberal *** Kicker - pathetic! Your d@#kless candidate won't say that to Senator Obama's face. Didn't McCain's friend, G. Gordon Liddy, post bomb making instructions on the internet one time? If nothing else, he was giving his listeners instructions on where to shoot other people.

So, who really has a domestic terrorist for a friend?Have you seen Palins mustache and blackheads on newsweek?
Just because Newsweek decided not to touch up her photo does not mean that she is unfit to lead.

Everyone has facial blemishes.

CBS claimed that Obama's plane smelled horrible. I guess Barry doesn't shower much?

';The McCain campaign plane is better than Obama's, which is cramped, uncomfortable and smells terrible most of the time. Somehow the McCain folks manage to keep their charter clean, even where the press is seated. ';鈥?/a>
And would you have the same thing to say about a man?


I'm no Palin supporter, but why is it when women are in the public eye politically it's all about their looks?!

Focus on the fact that she is a POOR POLITICAL CANDIDATE.

Poor hygiene? Did you hear about the CBS reporter who says Obama'a plane stinks? He has been traveling with Obama %26amp; now assigned to McCain. He stated that the plane Obama travels on STINKS all the time.
NO WAY!!! Who the hell does she think she is having blackheads and facial hair. We'd be so much better off with Bill Clinton getting sex favors in the Oval office!

I don't care if we elect a mustached pimple with a blackhead so long as that person can save us from this crapola!
Wow. And you say we conservatives are desperate. Are you folks really that scared that the One will not take his rightful place on high? It fills my heart with hope to hear the stupidity in your comments.
Obama is hanging around bomb makers and you complain about blackheads?
LOL! Yeah, pretty disgusting. I think I also saw a little bit of moosemeat at the corner of he mouth.
dat hoochie greasier den Laura B's Vuh-Jay-Jay
NO, NOway *-* plus she has a dirty mouth.
hehehe, no!

Let's go for clear skin!


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