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I have a lot of blackheads and want to get rid of them?

wash with peroxide and try Clean and Clear's whole line of blackhead treatments (scrubbing pads, night cream, wash, etc.) Good luck.I have a lot of blackheads and want to get rid of them?
Clean and clear if your broke!!!!!!I have a lot of blackheads and want to get rid of them?
U NEED to get one of the TOTALLY JUICY products!!! i got mine at ulta, but i'm sure u can find other places... works miracles!!!!

o yea proactiv is usually for real bad cases of acne, didnt work for me and the pore strips hurt like a mother and dont keep them away
cleanse day n nyt

Boil a large pot of water, add some salt for extra steam.

Let the steam hit your face. Dont get close enough to burn yourself but just so that the steam is coming in your face.

this opens your poars and stuff. when you have had enough of standing there wash your face with a gentle soap and clean wash cloth in warm water.

you could use a nice moisturizer after that if u wanted....

Another suggestion, My neighbor uses pro active and says she loves it. I can tell from looking at her that it works very well... but if u just wanted a home remedy u can try the first one..

or go on and search for home remedies on black heads or acne or whatever...

I hope this helps.

Buy an extraction utensil that's what my facialist uses on my skin and believe me it works. You may first need to warm ur face with either light steam or just with plain warm water to open up the pores. After that it will be much easier to extract the blackheads u have. It may hurt because u have to use a lil pressure to get them stubborn boogers out, but it does work u will c the gross results from what u get out. U can get the extraction utensil at ur local wal-mart or walgreens Revlon makes them.
take a clicky pen and unscrew it then the suction from the pen will pull it out..sry i cant really explain good but if you want me to try to explain more e-mail me at

Hope it helped
Proactive is works.
Blackheads, as well as other forms of acne, should not be popped due to opening the area to injury or scarring from infection. Using pore cleansers that dry out the excess oils can help. Soaps are usually more than sufficient for the cause and while pore strips remove the plugs, they do not clean out the excess sebum. Regular maintenance by washing the skin once or twice daily helps in keeping the skin clear of excess oil.

I have also heard the ProActive works well but you have to keep using it once you start.

Oh and the little tool that the previous answerer is talking about is called a comedone extractor. The really good ones are sold at Beauty supply stores.
squeeze real real hard, my favorites are the ones that go squiggle then pop on the mirror
get something for them. egg white are go for getting ridof black heads.
clean and clear really works for me!!
first of all, avoid using products formulatted with mineral oil and animal products. These do not get absorbed by the skin and what it does is that it clogs your pores. In fact mineral oil is the 2nd worse thing you could do to your skins health #1 is the sun, it is like rubbing car oil on your skin and exposing yourself to the sun... Animal product come form rendering plants, these plants pick all dead animals from the road, meatmarkets etc and what they do is put them in a huge pot and squash everything inside and boil it the oil that comes to the top is what other companies use to formulate their ';beauty'; products ... gross i know.. eww lipstick and aghhh .. anyway, the important thing to do is read your ingredients and use the right ones regularly .... I use arbonne products....鈥?/a> because they are botanically based and you could really see the difference, i had acne and lots of blemishes and my skin has cleared so much, it really is amazing and they have everything for everybody.... theire deep pore cleansing mask and their scrub is just perfect for eliminating the blackheads. Also their face wash is great because it cleanses without drying and removes all traces of makeup and dirt.... works wonderful for me and the bes thing is that you could shop online, receive it in your house and if ther is something you do not like about the products which is rarely to happen, you return the item and they give your money back .... also check this site from the fox news about toxins in beauty products.....鈥?/a>
peore strips that pulls them out.
clean and clear...or if that does not work, try taking a hot shower and in a mirror, squeze your fingernails hard together and it will just pop out. one at a time like magic for me
There is a little tool you can buy at any drug store. It is made by Revlon. It has holes at both ends, one small hole and one big hole and you put it on top of the spot and push down and it pops out. Works great.
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