Saturday, December 26, 2009

Best Way To remove Blackheads?


They are attacking my face!

Any easy way to make some homemade mixture or something to clean them?

They are mostly on my nose, and under my lips.Best Way To remove Blackheads?
just drink lots and lots of water, gradually your skin will get better, .... but in the meantime make sure you dont squeeze without having a clean piece of tissue over each finger, otherwise you'll just spread germs all over your face, hope this helps xBest Way To remove Blackheads?
peroxide, it kills P bacteria that causes blackheads
i usually get a facial, but neutrogena has a scrub for blackheads that worked for me, though not as good as a facial.
there is this metal thing you can takes them out..go to shopper drug mart..or ask them..they will tell you:)...good luck..its called black head remover by the way
I love your avatar! Adorable! =)

Use a scrub made by Clean and Clear specifically for this problem.
squeeze the bastards out then use tcp on the skin it will smell tho
use an exfoliant in conjunction with some over the counter acne wash.
You can by an extractor which you have to use caution. You can get one in the skincare and makeup area at walmart for about 2 or 3 dollars. It has two wholes on each side use the one you feel most comfy with. Locate a blackhead and center it within the whole of the extractor and BOOM it will come out if it is ready. If it doesn't then don't keep nagging at it or it will damage your skin. After you are finish use toner to close up your clean and open pores so that nothing will get back in them. I would do this at maximum 2 times a month so that you won't damage your skin. If you are scared to do it I would get an Esthetician to do this because they are well trained in this area.

As for maintaining I would cleanse 2 times a day, apply toner and moisturizer. 2-3 times I week I would exfoliate and once a week I would use a Mud Mask.

Good Luck!!
i know im no help, but i have the same problem with the whole nose sucks!!
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