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Why are my blackheads not going away?

They always appear on my nose and wont go away!!!!! Picking at them only gives me a red nose and they dont go away. How can I get them to get cleaned out??? Besides going to a dermatologist.Why are my blackheads not going away?
Try Benzoyl Peroxide 10% at night time. Also, retin A microgel works good to peel the dead cells off, but it requires a Rx and costs about 65-80 /tube, but you can make it last quite a long time if you don't need to apply it to all of your face.

If you don't get success at home, try a family practice doctor, as they are trained to treat families, including family members with acne. Don't buy the Proactive because all it is is Benzoyl Peroxide and they have proven on the news ABCnews that it works the same as the kind you buy at the drug store for 1/10th the cost less money than Proactive icosts. You can also try microabrasive that has little granules in it, but don't overuse it or it can irritate your skin and cause more acne.Why are my blackheads not going away?
it is very drying, but you can use straight alcohol. Just be sure to use a water based moisturizer(oil based will clog your pores back up and create new blackheads) and keep your hands off your face. I know tanning is bad for your skin, but it will also help reduce these ugly boogers!!
my doc gave me retin a and its working !! i don't think that u should use any thing else if u r consulting doc.
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