Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Does ProActiv make blackheads go away too?

YEA ProActiv makes all kinds of blemishes go away. but the only thing is that your skin gets addicted to it, so if u dont use it everyday then your blemishes will reappearDoes ProActiv make blackheads go away too?
It depends on the individual's skin. I've tried it before. It makes my blackheads go further up towards the skin and makes it easy for me to pop it out. As for one of my friends who tried it, it made her blackheads dry and easier to peel off.Does ProActiv make blackheads go away too?
well it helps mine but as someone else told you your skin get use to it so I would try using some other products but maybe when they are bad then use proActive just change products so they dont re-appear!!

good luck

Shelby Ann
i tried it a long time ago. i think it's supposed to. i would look it up and read the testimonials. it irritated my skin but i can't say that's everybody.
I totally think it does. Like I said in a previous post, I used it during pregnancy and it really worked wonders. It also depends on your skin.
yea they also carry something for your blackheads , but if you only use the proactiv it also works. that sh*t works alot on my men.he face is cleaning up good
a little bit. be careful though. it dried my skin so severely i had to stop using it
so iv'e heard...
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