Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How to get rid of blackheads?

im currently using proactive to get rid of zits. know an good products that get rid of blackheads? strips dont workHow to get rid of blackheads?
Have someone squeeze them out...thats what I do, I have a weird girlfriend that likes to do stuff like that.How to get rid of blackheads?
If you go to a place that gives facials they can get rid of all your blackheads.
Try Mild Exfoliant and Regular Washing!

Sunshine is Also Great for the Skin!
You might think I'm crazy, but sllice a raw potato (a think slice-the more gunk to be pulled out, the thicker the slice needed) and sleep with it on the area of distress...use medical tape or a scarf or stretchy headband to hold it in place. The starch in the potato will pull out all kinds of impurities. I got this out of a home remedy book and used it on my infant son when he had a sty the doc was having trouble getting rid of and it worked like a charm in just one night!
Scrub with soap and an abraisive cloth or one of those girly scrubbing things, and take hot showers.

The warm water helps your pores open up.
try biore it works really good get the pore cleansing wash or the blackhead one :]
Keep using the Proacive. It'll kick in.
That's kinda weird that the strips won't work. You should wash your face in warm to hot water and then try the strips.

Warm/hot water will open your pores. After a facial wash, rinse with cool or cold water to seal them back up again that way they won't fill up with dirt and grease. Good luck, and make sure you use those proactive products correctly!
Keep your skin clean. Blackheads occur when skin oil and dirt become trapped in your pores. Wash your face with hot water and soap, then rinse with cool water. Do this as often as you can and you will experience fewer blackheads.
Yes, I've found that strips rarely work.

I've read a few of the other possible answers, and I can tell you that most bar soaps are very bad for your face - fat is a key ingredient in such soaps, and that's why the skin on your face will usually feel ';tighter'; after you wash. The skin on your face deserves better treatment than this, due to its sensitivity - use specialized products. Make sure there isn't any alcohol in the product - that'll dry out your skin.

The general idea is you should rinse your face with warm water, apply a specialized soap to your face, massage with your (clean) hands - then rinse thoroughly with the the same temp. of water. Finally, splash on some cold water to close the pores.

Aside from that, however, I suggest you go get a facial - I did this because I had a ton of blackheads, and they got them out without a problem. Oh, and my facialist assured me I was not an extreme case, which was great. (I was really starting to think so)

After the facial, you'll be set to maintain it using the system I described above - but you can probably use an exfoliant every now and then to keep your skin in top shape.
old fasion soap and water. bar soap works best. face wash or face soap, face masks work nicely, the less makeup the better and the more cleaning of the face the better. grease and dirt build up on your face and sinks into your pores creating pimples

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