Saturday, December 26, 2009

Can cats get blackheads?

My five year old boy has what looks like blackheads under his chin,they are about the size of a pin-head. He doesn't have fleas, could they be mites? He isn't scratching them and the do not seem to be bothering him.Should I be concerned?Can cats get blackheads?
It is feline acne. Use ceramic bowls for food and water, because plastic can harbor bacteria that contributes to feline acne. Try rubbing a little Neosporin on your cat's chin. I have 5 cats and one is prone to feline acne. When it flairs up, Neosporin helps. It is safe to use. If the condition worsens (swelling of the chin), your vet can prescribe a systemic antibiotic. It is usually not a serious problem so you don't have to worry. Just avoid plastic dishes and use triple antibiotic ointment on the chin for a few days and see if the condition improves.Can cats get blackheads?
Yes they can get acne! My cat had this when I was using plastic bowls. I changed to ceramic and the problem corrected itself on its own. Also, stainless steel works too. There are loads of options at the pet store. Report Abuse

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