Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Is there anyway to get rid of blackheads???

is there anyway to get rid of blackheads? I have a few on my nose, but there quite faint, but i want to get rid of them. there embarrasing and ugly. what causes them too? :-\Is there anyway to get rid of blackheads???
Try biore cleansing strips. they really do work. They stick to your nose and then when you peel it off all the blackheads come out with itIs there anyway to get rid of blackheads???
I say get clean and clear, daily cleanser, for whatever your skin type is. They may be caused by stress, or too much junk food, or it could just be a part of your change. you never know
Those strips really do work well. What causes blackheads %26amp; pimples is hormones which cause your oil glands to work overtime. That clogs the pores %26amp; causes blackheads. To help prevent them, keep your face scrupiously clean. Wash with Ivory soap ( 99 %26amp; 44/100% pure) at least 3 times a day. Make sure to splash with cold (as cold as you can stand) water when you're through. This closes the pores so that no dirt or other foreign matter can get in %26amp; infect the skin. Never go to bed without washing your face %26amp; always wash well when you first get up. Just look at the dust on your furniture every morning when you first get up. That dust settles on your skin just as it does on your furniture....don't let it stay there.
i use st ives deep pore cleanser it cleanses the face and keeps the pores open so they wont close and trap dirt and oil in the skin which causes pimples and blackheads
Yes, but that would be called decapitation, and you will go to jail.
get those strips that you put on then peel off and the blackheads come off.
YES. You can either ';pop'; them yourself or, there are blackhead strips out there you can but that you put on where ever the blackheads might be and let them sit for 15 or 20 minutes.Then you pull them off they pull the blackheads out. These are pretty effective. I have used them myself.

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