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I need some advice, what is the best way to clear blocked pores (blackheads) Ive tried all shop stuff!!!!?

Blackheads can happen to anyone, no matter what your skin type. Blackheads are caused by oil in your skin that gets caught and expands in the pores. Oxidizing from exposure to the air, the oil actually turns black.

what works for some people might not work for everyone but here are some things that you can consider.~

First, stop the problem before it starts. Use noncomedogenic, oil-free, water-based skin-care products. (Noncomedogenic means the products were laboratory tested and approved by the FDA not to clog pores and cause blackheads.)

If you change your skin-care routine and still get blackheads, speak to a dermatologist about getting a prescription for Retin-A, which is a strong exfoliant that opens pores, sloughs off dead skin and cleans out blackheads.

If all else fails, a dermatologic facial performed at a dermatologist's office involves a prescription-strength acid that gets rid of dead layers of skin and the use of surgical instruments to extract the blackheads.

Blackheads are a problem that should be treated by a dermatologist. But, if you want to try an over-the-counter product, a lot of people rave about Biore Pore Perfect Strips, which are supposed to lift out blackheads on your nose, forehead and chin.

Hope this helps~I need some advice, what is the best way to clear blocked pores (blackheads) Ive tried all shop stuff!!!!?


GOOD LUCK!I need some advice, what is the best way to clear blocked pores (blackheads) Ive tried all shop stuff!!!!?
if u steam ur face it will clear them or use blackheadd cleanser
proactive or you might need to change your diet, cause sometimes its what u have consumed that is trying to get out of your system that is probably causing this and one of the three way in which i know of this cleansing process is out your pores
Boiling hot water on a flannel..

As hot as your little hands can stand.. or wear marigold gloves. soak the flannel in the hot water, ring out, place it straight onto the affected area, press it for a few seconds till heat goes out of it...

remove flannel, you should see pores more open and able to squeeze.

Old fashioned, no chemicals, successful.

Do it before you go to bed, not before a date! As your nose, chin, forhead, can go a bit red for few hours.
i found that sea salt works well.

so does st. ives blemish and blackhead clearing scrub.

good luck!
you should pop it thats the only way
Wash your face as often. You will have to pop the big ones but the little ones should lessen in appearance if you keep them clean.

you've got to pop them seriously its the only way

then drink a lot of water

it works lol. sometimes they just go on their own

but to be honest, pop them, it mings but it works!
Try Neutrogena Clear Pore Treatment.

It's really amazing! You get perfect skin very quick.

I myself have used the cream only and got a perfect skin in just a few applications. Never before had I found cosmetics that really unblocks pores and provides you with a new perfect skin. Neutrogena Clear Pore Treatment Cream not only unblocks the pores but also visibly improves the skin by making it smooth and radiant looking. It really works! Try it and you won't regret. I'm sure that if you follow my advice you will thankfully remember the day you have read it.
Agree with Elf, hot water, better to do it over a sink, and with a towel completely covering you and the sink, and stand there for a good 5-10 mins. It's less dull if you put Karvol in, but that's optional. Then squeeze them.
you need to religiously cleanse tone and moisturise twice daily and if you have blackheads the best thing to do is use an exfoliant and face masks two to three times per week
Just pinch them... LOL

Stand over a hot bowl of water... (steaming) try to catch the steam on your face. When you are done rinse with COLD water.
Have you ever tried using an Aspirin mask? Crush five Aspirin pills and mix them with a little bit of water. Lay it on your skin for 10 minutes and then wash it. Repeat this everyday til your skin is completely clear.
This sounds wired,but I did it,the youlks of egges on your face for a couple if minutes
Whatever you do, DO NOT, squeeze or pop them yourself as it leaves littleholes in your face, I know cause I had the same experience and I squeezed them and now I have little indents on my face, which is not what you want, the best way is to steam your face, get a bucket with hot,hot water, towel over your head and get the steam onto your face, leave it 5 mins then cleanse your face which deep cleanses, or buy one of they face packs, that draws out impurities. Hope it helps, good luck, hope you get your problem sorted out,
An actual blackhead remover, stainless steel, works great.
uggh i need help with this too! i heard that when u wash your face that you should scrub it for atleast 1 minute!
go 2 the dermaltologists
Kind of gross but, SQUEEZE THEM OUT! LOL! Seriously, that's what I do. It works just fine. Also, follow-up with a Mint Julep mask by Queen Helene. It's wonderful!!

well you haven't tried my shop stuff i provide skin care products for all skin types at

the best way to get rid of them and prevent them from reappearing is to take care of your skin clean it regularly and ably face masks as well as moisturise well. good luck and i hope you visit
Buy a facial steamer they work fab
Have someone suck the blackheads out of your pores and then put them all into a bowl and eat it tomorrow for breakfast.
Grocery store brands are not good and will not help you. I did not see any results until recently when I started using Murad. I found this by going to an esthitician and getting a facial.

By the way, Sometimes you can find good quality products at health food stores that are not as pricey as Murad. I have started substituting my toners and cleansers for a less expensive, Avalon Organics line. They work great.

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