Saturday, December 26, 2009

Getting rid of Blackheads?

I have black heads all over my nose and chin and they arent that noticeable until u get up real close but i want them gone. what can i use to get rid from ur experience or knowlege of them besides those sticky things (idkwhattherecalled) ????Getting rid of Blackheads?
the best thing to get rid of blackheads is oatmeal %26amp; honey

put two table spoons of oatmeal in bowl %26amp;one table spoon of honey ,mix it to a paste and put in microwave for 9sec .make sure its not to hot

,apply to area for 20mins .wash off with luke warm water. carl uk.Getting rid of Blackheads?
Blackheads are embedded into the skin - they aren't on the surface so exfoliating isn't going to help you. I went to Selfridges and had a facial and black head removal treatment - she basically just squeezed the blackheads - using clean hands. But guess what? There were still open pores where the blackheads used to be....and within a week - the black heads were back because nature hates a vacuum!

I wash my face twice a day so my point is - unless you are rich enough to afford a facial every week, you're stuck with them...
You're talking about pore strips, I believe.

Buy a blemish extractor (Spehora, Tweezerman, don't buy Revlon's... it's junk)

Wash your face, then extract the blemishes. Wash your face again so bacteria doesn't stay on your face. The next day, use a scrub. Use the scrub 2 times a week
i was also facing this problem, then i use the home remedy it really works on my skin, take potato,tomato cucumber and grate them add half spoon of basin in it scrub your face with that for 5 to 10 min really helps you
Try an exfoliater and exfoliate 1 or 2 times a week

or clean and clear blackhead remover and blackhead clearin toner

Or biore nose strips

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