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I have bad skin with lots of spots and blackheads - does anyone have any advice on what products I could use?

THIS IS A MUST FOR YOU, Its from Lush and this will work for you, you can order from lush online if none are near you.鈥?/a>

I have bad skin with lots of spots and blackheads - does anyone have any advice on what products I could use?
Hi Emma,

My son also had the same issue as you and tried several different home remedies and products and then one day discovered the following product. Since then, his skin has been clean and clear and I would not change for anything.

Nu Skin Clear Action Acne Medication System

Whether you experience breakouts now or have in the past, you may find your skin doesn't look as healthy or vibrant as before. Nu Skin Clear Action庐 Acne Medication System is a gentle but effective treatment system designed to help clear the blemishes you have now, fade the signs of past breakouts, and, most importantly, keep skin clear and vibrant for the future.

If you would be interested in purchasing this product, please use the following code: IL1104804

Good luck.

CarynI have bad skin with lots of spots and blackheads - does anyone have any advice on what products I could use?
I agree with Eleanor B Liz Earle is the best while not harsh on the skin it does the trick. The cream you use will depend on your skin oily/ dry/ oil,combination but the actual treatments are

cleanse and polish

mud mask


instant boost tonic

they also have spot

I have also found that Philosophy is a good one

the products are called

the great mystery

purity made simple

hope in a jar

microdelivery peel

all the best in finding what is right for you here is a link to where you can buy the products from and there are others you may wish to look at
hi there. i too am fair and suffer from oily skin.

I use tea tree oil, which is excellent.

Not only does it really help with spots, but is a natural antiseptic so it also helps prevent spots/blackheads and diminishes any redness and swelling that comes with some spots.

Be warned it does pong a bit but this doesn't last too long once it absorbs. I tend to use it before bed.

Basically i wash my face with a non-perfumed/un- soaped face wash then i put two drops of tea tree oil in the palm of my hand with a bit of light face moisturiser and put on my face.

Works wonders for me and i only find i need to do this a few times a week.

The oil was around a fiver and i bought it just off the shelve in Asda. Though only using two drops at a time it lasts a long time.

Hope this helps :-)
Normal water, just wash your face well each day...

Your problem isn't your skin, but what you eat, cut the rubbish out of your diet and you won't get as many spots. Sweets, fizzy drinks, crisps, anything rubbish really, when you eat something next, think to yourself, is this healthy...

Your face will clear up in no time, quicker than any products.
The Liz Earle brand is really good.

Being fair skinned myself, I find it really easy to get spots and seem to have quite dry skin . .

My mum suggested I used their products and within a week my skin felt really soft and ALL my spots have gone.

If you find that it doesn't help, getting a facial at your nearest beautician will also do a lot of good.

Hope that helps :)
Steam is usually really good for blackheads and clearing out pores. If you can go and get a steam facial. Otherwise put your face about 12 inches above a bowl of boiling water, be careful not to burn yourself. Also facial scrubs are good. Use savlon on your spots.
There is always Apricot scrub. Its more natural. They are pros at getting rid of blackheads.
Benzoyl peroxide

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