Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Getting rid of BLACKHEADS?

I usually wear face foundation during the day, so it's not very important.

But I need a one-night house remedy to get rid of them!

So lame, lol... one night is so little..

ok... two nights will work.

I need a two night house remedy! :)

And please don't tell me to go buy it from the store. HOUSE REMEDY, please. :D

thanks, yahoooo.Getting rid of BLACKHEADS?
First, you need to open your pores!

You can do this by boiling water, then pouring it into a large bowl. (Be careful!)

If you lean over, the steam will help open your pores.

In my opinion, it works better then showering because the water is like 200 degrees vs. 100

For my home remedy, you do have to have a packet of unflavored gelation. And some milk!

Take one TBS of unflavored gelatin and mix it with 1 1/2 TBS of milk.

The smell is quite strange but it will work! You leave the mixture on the area. A thin layer will work :D

Then when it dries you can peel it off!

This works ALOT better for my friend then it does for me, so maybe it'll work for you too!Getting rid of BLACKHEADS?
What I do is exfoliation, But I only do it every 2 weeks to keep them at bay.If you don't Have a good exfoliant you can try mixing honey (the purest possible) with a little sugar. Apply it gently and rinse immediately, don't leave it. Don't rub it as it could irritate your skin. I have also tried those stick things that you can buy at any pharmacy.
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