Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I have so many little blackheads on my nose, and to the sides of my nose on my cheek, but not as!?

I'm using Proactive washes 2 times a day, and everything is going well with the white-heads and any other type of acne...except the blackheads...they will NOT go away, and i need a way to remove them.I have so many little blackheads on my nose, and to the sides of my nose on my cheek, but not as!?
ha proactive suckssss. sorry.

but i used to have the same problem with blackheads.

i've been using neutrogena products and my acne is gone, my blackheads are gone, and seriously my skin is the best its ever been.

all i did was go one the neutrogena website and took a quiz and they gave me all the products right for my face and they really weren't all that expensive especially compared to proactiv.

if you don't want neutrogena then clean and clear works well also but seriously neutrogena is amazing (:

if you want to just check it out go on their website.

best of luck!!!!I have so many little blackheads on my nose, and to the sides of my nose on my cheek, but not as!?
oh you must try on The Body Shop's Tea Tree regimen coz tea tree is specially made up for skin with blemishes, whiteheads ,blackheads and oily skin. it really worked on my skin whre my skin will float with oil. but now no more coz i'm using the body shop's tea tree regimen. they have concealers made up by tea tree to prevent your skin from being worsening.

good Luck. their product X contains too much chemicals and skin don't dry up your precious skin too.
Well I know just what you mean!!!! I have tons of black heads on my nose and they bother me so much. The best thing to do is pop them. All you have to do is pp them with your finger tips. You just take your finger tips and put them around you blackhead. Then put your fingers together and press on the blackhead until it pops. I t might hurt but it's worth it. The blackhead doesn't grow out again and it's risk free!!!! I that doesn't work then just use tweezers.
Have you try using Bior茅 pore strips? What it does is remove pore-clogging dirt, oil and blackheads. I have use it! It's so nasty but its cool seeing your nasty clogs stuck to the pore strips but it would make your nose feel better. You can buy it at any local drug stores (Wal-mart)
Try the Biore strips. I get blackheads ALL the time and they work wonders. Relatively cheap also, around $5 or $6. Just follow the instructions on the box, and when you take the strip off, you will see the blackheads on them. Really cool, lol.
This should help. Rub oatmeal paste on face,leave it to dry for 15 minutes and scrub well before washing off with cold water. Check out for more useful tips to control blackheads.
Proactive doesn't really work on blackheads, try Clean and Clear Blackhead removing scrub with beads. It works like a charm! I have no more blackheads, and I had them in the same spots as you did!
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