Monday, December 14, 2009

I have blackheads and bumps how do i clear them up fast thanks?

how fast are we talking? Pro-activ and some pharmacy recommended creams can start to clear up blackheads to a degree overnight. (some people will just pop the blackhead as it helps clear up with the clogged pore)...I have blackheads and bumps how do i clear them up fast thanks?
the technical term for what you well..simply achne.

all teenagers go through it, so dont stress about it.

first of all, somthing you need to know is that clearing up achne is all about patience. the first step is finding a product that works for you. ask your mom or a friend, someone whos skin is very similar to yours what products worked for them. now its very unlikely that the first product you buy will work. i would suggest sticking with drugstore products at first, if its still not working, go see a dermatolagest who can tell you what you should get. also if you get a product, and you see no signs of improvment after 3 days. GET RID OF IT! it should take 2 months at the most of washing and moisturizing religiously night and morning for it to clear up! but when it does clear up, dont stop what your doing, untill you can feel your skin becoming less and less oily can you stop doing it as much. however you should have a cheap moisturizer and wash with you at all times. even adults get achne! now, you might be feeling self concious about it now. if thats the case, USE A POWDER OR FOUNDATION. they can do wonders! make sure to buy the kind with no oil though! good luck!I have blackheads and bumps how do i clear them up fast thanks?鈥?/a>

That website is pretty thorough.

I heard that Oil of Oregano is particularly effective in getting rid of pimples. Of course you could always try rubbing alcohol to dry it out, or the special acne creams they sell at pharmacies.
i use the biore black and white head strips.

the work great.
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