Monday, December 14, 2009

Have you ever used Biore Strips for blackheads?

If so, did it work? did you like it? explain your experiance.

thanks in advance!Have you ever used Biore Strips for blackheads?
I have used them before and I loved them. I would recommend these to anyone. They are inexpensive and actually work. You should try them.Have you ever used Biore Strips for blackheads?
yes, and they didn't work like I thought they would...kind of a waste of money in my opinion. and it pulls a lot when you take them off. i've found that just applying a clay mask like once a week helps to keep blackheads at bay.
yeah they are great.. you have to be carefull to take them off when it says to i fell asleep with one on and removing it hurt REALLY bad.
The nose ones worked okay. But my sister tried the other ones too ... I think they're for the forehead or chin? She said those didn't.
Not really. They can only remove those bigger ones that are nearer to the skin surface. Those smaller and more below cannot be removed. It is only a tentative method.
It works for the nose, but make sure its totally dry before peeling it off
doesn't help, cheap beauty secret, clear duct tape works, clinque even sold some for years. key to to press then release quickly
Yeah, they worked. But, holy cow, it hurts when you pull the strip off. I assume it's a lot like waxing eyebrows or something. It was enough to make me scream and my eyes water. But I'm a wimp in that category. I can get a tattoo, but I can't pluck or wax, so the strips are a big NO for me. But they did work, they pulled out a bunch of junk.
it was wierd stuff first when i put the water on the smooth side my fingers got really sticky. and when i put it on my nose it was wet and the paper got all bubbly. anyway when it was time to take it off it didnt hurt that bad (not like a wax job) and my blackheads came off. if you hold it up to the light you can see it.

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