Monday, December 14, 2009

How many blackheads have you squeezed this year?

I get no blackheads, only whitheads.

so, my answer is zero.How many blackheads have you squeezed this year?
uh i don't keep track but not many cuz it hurts like #@$!How many blackheads have you squeezed this year?
loads, my mates are not safe around me, we call it self harm by proxy, as apparently I hurt them, when I squeeze their spots.
yuk !!
are you serious?
never got a blackhead yet!! and I'm 14 but I'm sure its coming
to many to fukking count... and I do not know why or how I get them....... I have nice skin, no blemishes (until that time of the month comes around.. then I have plenty)....... not oily, but I always have blackheads... how can I keep myself from getting them.........

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh they get on mmy nerves
Do I look like a person who has blackheads? Although I did have one big zit on my butt cheek.
There are devices and techniques for this nowadays. You need not squeeze out. Please read the following site for tips on blackheads removal.
what a strange question, eeewwwww
none coz my blackheads are too small to be seen
reli weird question! but loadz evri day lol! but not bad ones tho lol

ha ha

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