Thursday, December 17, 2009

I need home remides for blackheads on nose?

ie tried toothpaste and it dont workI need home remides for blackheads on nose?
Biore strips.I need home remides for blackheads on nose?
Blackheads are tricky - wash your face every day with warm water and mild soap. Use Biore strips, if you'd like, although they don't seem to help with big ones. You can also find skin products that say they are ';pore refiners'; - once your blackheads have cleaned up a bit, this will help make the holes smaller. There's really no quick fix, though, so good luck!
Its not a ''home remedy'' but the Biore strips are what is going to take away the blackheads
This may sound strange, but it won't hurt to try it. Wash face with a mild soap, adhere a piece of duct tape (sticky side) to area that has blackheads. Wait a minute and then remove tape.

This is also a great way to remove warts. Place duct tape on wart each day for about a week, you'll be amazed to see it has totally disappeared.
Proactiv, the best

Ooops, you said home remedies, sorry, not sure...

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