Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to get rid of blackheads?

I have deep blackheads that cover my nose like a carpet and make my nose shiny in the light...squeezing doen't work and neither do nose strips...PLEASE HELP, I've had them for like 3 years!!How to get rid of blackheads?
I have the same problem and idk what to tell you but i started laying in the tanning bed and it made the pink go away.How to get rid of blackheads?
They are buried deep so you have to first open your pores with steam. Then, use a clay mask to bring the impurities closer to the surface. Then use a sugar scrub to rub the blackhead impurities off. You will have to repeat the procedure to get deeply-buried impurities.
squeezing shoud work.

get boiling hot water, get a some tissue/cotton pads

soak the tissue into the water and press hard onto the area.

YES it hurts, but once it is moist

you need to squeeze it correctly, putting pressure each side of the blackhead and it should ease out.

hope i could help.

good luckkkkkkkkkkkk.

pls answer my question tyvm (:鈥?/a>
you can do a facial using hot steam, just boil water in a pan, put a towel over your head and have your face over the pan (not too close), do it for about 15 minutes, your blackheads will become lose enough for you to pop them. do it once a day.
You can get your skin cleared at most beauty salons during a facial. They know how to do it in a safe way to minimise scarring and damage so i would do a bit of research on the net for local salons.
Get the Clean%26amp;Clear Blackhead Eraser. It might work for you... or just the Nuetrogena Blackhead Remover Pads. Those are what have worked for me.
Shower often with specialize shampoo.
Sorry, but you have to wait for then to go away on their own.
Try a face scrub with little scrubby balls in it. Like Neutrogena Deep Clean.
Use Biore Nose Strips.

My sister had a HUGE blackhead, and the nose strips did the trick!

Hope I've helped! :)
me too my friend tried the blackhead eraser and she said it worked u could try that.
squeeze em
steam %26amp; squeeze

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