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I also have LOADS of blackheads on my face... how can i get rid of them?!?

How can i get rid of them without buying anything or buying something cheap as I don't have much money :S

Please help!

I hate the way I look in the mirror with these (and the spots..)

And all my friends hardly get any! maybe one or two... but I get LOADS!I also have LOADS of blackheads on my face... how can i get rid of them?!?
Steam regularly. Don't poke or extract your blackheads harshly like there is no tomorrow. i do believe that we have the same, oily to combination skin type, especially around our T-Zone. It is interesting for people to think that avoiding creams can help solve oily skin. But its wrong. You just have to find the right-based cream. Cream and Water-based works best for skin like ours. Veer away from oil based creams during day time, you can use them during the night.

You can best help your skin if you do the 3-step facial regimen: wash, tone and moisturize. Washing helps remove dust that accumulated on the surface of the skin, toning provides additional cleaning as well as it preps the skin by removing dead skin cells that can just block healthy cells' absorption of the third step, the moisturizer.

The key is to be able to find the right product to help you with your problem. I can suggest the brand: Mario Badescu. They have a line of products that really is good for our type of skin, I personally recommend the Enzyme Cleansing Wash, Cucumber Toner and the best HONEY MOISTURIZER. If you use these products, they don't have the same ''stretched-dry-skin'; that other products leave. This is often the misconception of people, that dryness and no oil means clean skin. What Mario Badescu does is gently and effectively clean it. Plus they're natural.

For additional cleaning and maintenance on acne, try their DRYING LOTION pink stuff that you put on your pimples which dries it, ACNE GEL, which serves as your drying lotion maintenance during day time. To Remove black marks that are left by acne, use their GLYCOLIC WASH and BUFFER LOTION. Check out their line of products online. I dont work for them, its just that they really work and i would like to share it with you.I also have LOADS of blackheads on my face... how can i get rid of them?!?
Well you have oily skin most likely, try to wash your face with soap and water several times a day, but watch out for drying out your face you could use rubbing alchol wipes one or twice a day.

Go to store get a facial scrub, usaully around $2 to $4.00.

Talk to your Dr about perscriptions, like techrocycline!
they have nose strips made by Biore. They work really well and can be found by the face wash stuff.
Don't squeeze them. It only makes them spread. Wash your face a few times a day with mild anti-biotic soap and warm water. Do this on a regular basis. You'll notice the improvements in a few weeks. NEVER SQUEEZE!
steam is a miracle worker. i went down to New Orleans for a few days this summer..IT WAS SO HUMID. i swear, i felt like i could scoop the air and eat it! at any rate, while i was there, i was miserable. but when I got home, my skin felt sooooo wonderful. i don't have a big black head issue, but i do have a few on the sides of my nose that frequently appear...they were all gone! i didn't do anything special, so the only thing i can think of is that i washed my face (as usual) and they just fell out! So, as odd as it sounds (because I have never tried it before), I agree with the ladies who suggested to put your face over steam and then wipe your face! Just make sure it's hot hot hot. I also go into the wet (steam) room at my gym. It's WONDERFUL for your pores.

By the way...I am definitely a ';natural remedy'; chick. People can spend hundreds for chemicals and OTC cleansers and percriptions and facials and crap (although facials are nice :). I have never had an acne problem and all I use is water on most days! I use very very mild soap on my face, and not even everyday. Never any full strength OTC cleansers. They are horrible. And when I need a deep cleaning, I use alcohol on a cotton ball (like once or twice a week). My mother and I have done it all of our blemishes.

Good luck!
squeeze the ones which are 'ripe' in such a way that you'd remove them without tearing your skin.Then use an astringent like alcohol to sanitize your face(it will not dry your face out).Then use a facial cleanser or scrub(i recommend something from st.ives like the apricot scrub which is very cheap).

If you can afford proactiv however that's the best product to use because it first flushes your system(pushes out ALL blackheads and other acne;this may cause what may SEEM to be a major breakout but then your skin should be COMPLETELY free from the previos contaminants)
Wash your face with soap %26amp; water at least 3 times a day. I always used Ivory. It's 99%26amp;44/100% pure %26amp; very mild. I even used

it to bathe my babies. After washing, dab it with alcohol all over your face. Use cotton balls for this. You'll see the cotton balls turn really black but that's ok. It won't be instantanious but will definitely work %26amp; is very cost effective.
Try Biore or a blackhead facial cleanser.
i know they sell these cheap things that stick to your face and you rip them off, and the black heads get stuck to them. maybe u should try thewm if u havent yet, and if u dont have much money just ask your parents to buy them for ya
run hot water in a bowl and put a towel over your head and the bowl confining the steam to your face. take a warm wash cloth and apply to your face and squeeze gently with the wash cloth NOT your Fingers.. exfoliate with a micro scrub... clean and clear works.
well you could buy that proactiv stuff..or you could see a dermatologist heads are a pain ive struggled with for years especially on my using this cleaning mask now from origins (it cost like $30) i think and its worked pretty good actually.its called clear improvement. or if you really wanna save money try neutrogena blackhead removal line and get the cleasner and the astrigant and use it everyday
you have to buy a cleanser, or use a q tip and rub it on the spot of the black head and try to push it out wit the q tip
Try clearacil it breaks through dirt and oil. Also Clean your face at least 5 times a day and after use a light lotion. Blackheads are caused by dirt and sweat that gets trapped in your skin if you keep your skin clean you have less chances of blackheads. Also try steaming your face. Boil a hot pot of water allow it to cool then put a towel over your head and put your face over the pot. Then clean your face. Never squeez your blackhead that leaves scars.
I have facials regularly, thats the best way to eleminate blackheads. You can also do this at home...heat up a washcloth, apply it to your face, then get two ear buds and gently squeeze either side of your blackhead, the warmth from the facecloth will bring the dirt to the surface and open up your pores. if all else fails, use works wonders and you can buy it online or on ebay plus it's VERY cheap and 100% organic!! goodluck
Go natural!! Much cheaper and soooo much healthier than chemical loaded products from the store.

First, make yourself a facial every week, try the honey mask on the site below.

Next, go for a daily cleanser like powdered milk mixed with water to form a paste. Gently massage into skin and rinse with BARELY warm water. This is so great for cleansing but keeping your face's natural oils.
I've used proactive and it works pretty well! It used to be expensive, but now its only around $19 i heard! and all the celebrities use it. I recommend it to ya! And if you are have really bad days, wear consealer. and DONT PICK. It can only lead to bleeding, and scars. So just do not do it.
If you try to remove them without having a facial you could possibly scar your face. It is worth the little expense to have it done.
I like Sea Breeze! Get it at Big! Lots.
A mixture of baby lotion and salt lightly rubbed on your face before bed each night, and don't rinse, just wipe with a paper towel. Salt kills some of the bacteria that gather on the skin, and at the same time, lotion keeps you from drying out. Models use this!

When you have an hour to kill, use regular white glue and a small piece of cotton blouse material, and make your own pore strips! It works, just longer drying time. Use a saltwater rinse after.

For those pimples that remind you of volcanoes: use a small piece of white medical/adhesive tape overnight, and when you take it off in the morning, it opens up the pimple without squeezing and doing more damage. wash it well, don't rub, and leave it to dry out. You can use more salt...Many people forget, we used salt for eons before GE made refrigerators, to forestall bacteria.

Don't forget to google some acne medications, and remedies from the old days. They often have fewer side affects.
rubbimg alchohol will make the pop
Try Stridex or Sea Breeze.
rub baby oil on it
someone needs proactive
You should use salicylic acid. It is not expensive....and it will work. Buy a product with salicylic acid in it and wash your face with it every night. In the morning, use a gentel soap like dove. Try not to wear make up everyday or wear it to bed. That should do it!!!!
1] get some Aapri or St Ives apricot scrub. Steam face first, then get in hot shower or tub, and scrub face like you would with soap. Do everyday for one week.then every other day.

2] get some face wash, toner, sunscreen and moisturizer for YOUR skin type.

3] wash, tone, and sunscreen in AM, wash, tone, and moisturize in PM.

4] try BIORE pore strips

5] avoid touching face, or hair hanging in face.

6[ do NOT EVER go to bed without washing your face

7] only use non-comedogenic makeup [ states on packaging ]

8] avoid fried, fast, or junk food - even diet junk food

9] drink 1/2 gallon of water a day

10] take a good multivitamin with minerals every day
The only safe way to get rid of blackheads is to have a facial
boil some water

%26amp; put it in a large bowl or big tupperware

just something that fits your face

then place your face rigth above the water %26amp; put a towel over your head

the steam from the water should open up your pores %26amp; then you can try %26amp; squeeze them out or immediatley try to wash with your cleanser.
use a small amount of corn meal (or messeca(finer cornmeal) for sensitive skin) and mix with a small amount of milk, get to scrubbin! rinse with water, repeat untill mixture is gone(two or three times is good), dry your face, then put aloe vera on your face. repeat this every week or two weeks but not more then once a week. works great for me and its cheapo! btw the aloe vera makes the skin shiney so dont do this right before going out or something.
Put one finger on one side of a blackhead.

Put another finger on another side.

Move fingers toward one another.

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