Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blackheads or In grown hairs?

I occasionally get these small little black dots on my legs (mostly on the back of my thighs). I squeeze them and they come out and i think a really small hair comes out of them too. They're really annoying because once i've squeezed them it will leave a red dot and it wont go away for a while, so it's like i have a scar. It's gross and i hate them, what's an easier way to get rid of them besides having to pop them!

Thanks in advance guys.Blackheads or In grown hairs?
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This is ingrowth hair. This is mostly caused due to improper waxing, shaving or by using an epilator. If you use any of the above to get rid of hair on your legs, make sure you pull the hair out properly i.e. against the direction of the hair growth and not random directions. This is to avoid them. To get rid of them, either leave them as it is after sometime, the hair follicle will eventually lead to hair growth off the skin, or squeeze them out..sadly. You can also visit the doctor for an advice. I too have a lot of them, but can't help it though.
it in grown hair i hate those things the only way to get rid of them is popping them :/ i wish there was a easier way

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