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Blackheads - any top tips on reducing/preventing/removing?

i have blackheads to but not as many now i used Clean and clear CLEARSEL:)))0 hope it works for you:)Blackheads - any top tips on reducing/preventing/removing?
You are more prone to blackheads if you have oily skin, usually in the t zone. You need to use a facial wash tea tree ones are particularly good for oily skin, you also need to follow this with a moisturiser like a seeweed one, these are fantastic for oily skin. Don't squeeze your blackheads as the grime off your fingers will just block up your pores even more, and squeezing them also leaves holes in your face.

You should go into a cosmetic place like the body shop and they will give you advice on the best skin care regime for your skin type.

But believe me if you go and get them yourself get for oily skin and don't forget to get a moisturiser as if you don't use one your skin goes on overdrive and produces more oil, hence making you get even more blackheads.

Also you need to keep to your regime everyday, you will start seeing results after about 21-28 days as this is the natural skin cell renewal cycle.

Good luckBlackheads - any top tips on reducing/preventing/removing?
Check your diet and drink plenty of water! You can also...

Visit your dermatologist if the condition is annoying. You can also put a small amount of hand sanitizer on the spot which can dry up any irritation.
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Use a facial scrub at least once a week to prevent blackheads. its best to remove them when youve been in the bath or shower as the steam with open your pores.
The only thing that works is sqeezing them.
buy a facial steamer...You place your face over the steamer, which is producing steam from the water its boiling...doing this for 15 minutes or so will open your pores, allowing you to cleanse them with a good cleanser that it appropriate for your skin type..

Even just steaming my face I notice a huge difference in the blackheads on my nose
Yeah! St Ives Apricot Scrub IS great... They even have a kind that is especially for acne if that is a problem for you too...
Tips to remove blackheads…
lots of water
Try St. Ives Apricot Scrub at least once a week. It's cheaper than a lot of other things out there on the market, and works just as well. Make sure you follow up with a good toner and lotion that's suited for your skin type.
Wash ur skin morning and night finnishing with icy water to close the pores
Foment you face (after cleaning) with a steamed towel that was soaked in water containing 2 thsp soda bicarbonate. Change the steam napkin 6-7 times. Now use a gentle scrub - try 1 tsp. yogurt and 1 tsp rice powder. The blackheads, loosened by the steaming, will fall off. Always, as a finale, follow a steaming session with a cold water rinse to close pores and discourage blackheads.
Wash well and gently.with warm water, then use an astringent to help close the pores on your skin
i have tried many things, patches, creams and so on, neither one of them worked. the only thing that seems ok is a pro facial, i have to go there every 2-3 months....
some people are more prone to blackheads no matter how much they wash. you can't actually sqeeze one out easily but you can buy a small tool which is basically a stick with a small loop on the end you push this on the blackhead and it pops out.
peel off mask
* Clean your face very well.

* Expose your face to stem (basically boil some water in a pan and let your face absorb the water vapors). Don't burn your face. After a while you will feel that your pores are starting to open.

* At this point, apply a face mask. You can order a natural-ingredient based mask online or shop a whole-foods store in your area.

* Leave the mask on for about 10-15 minutes and relax yourself listening to some soothing, relaxation music.

* Wash off the mask.


Now with a small hand towel dipped in hot water, try to extract the black heads. At this point, they should come out easily but do not force too hard. Take out the ones that are easy to come out and leave the others for next time.

* Wash your face again and finish with application of a face cream.
Mary Kay's Microdermabrasion! They will be gone the first time you use it!
i use noxema its a type of cream!

it works for me!
good question. i have the same problem, so i'll be watching your answers. but i have quite sensitive skin, so its hard to find a product thats suitable. i think natural products are best.

Oil Cleansing Method


Most people start out with 50 % Extra Virgin Olive Oil [EVOO] and 50% Castor Oil [CO], the EVOO is moisturising and the CO is cleansing – if you have really oily skin you may want to start with a slightly different mix say 25:75 EVOO:CO because that means you are getting more of the cleansing oil. Another very good oil to use is Jo-joba oil because it is very similar to the natural oils already on your face – I recommend you try the EVOO:CO mix and if you find skin reacts well to that (or if it reacts badly – which I doubt it will) then switch over to 100% Jo-joba oil. OCM can be customised as her skin-type changes and tea tree or lavender essential oils can be added in small amounts to help prevent spots, blackheads and help healing.

To cleanse put the oil onto your face, then take a wash cloth that has been soaked in hot water, as hot as you can stand, wring it out and put it over your face for a minute before then wiping all the oil off you face. The oil acts as a cleanser to take all the filth from your skin, the hot face cloth also then opens up the pores. Then follow with a toner such as Rosewater or a very watered down Witchhazel.

The reason it works is because as well as cleaning out the pores it keeps your skin healthy, unlike face wash it does not remove the skins natural oils that help to keep the skin healthy – also when this oil is removed the skin over-produces oil to make up for the loss, thus when the oil in the skin becomes detrimental rather than beneficial and causes spots.

Links on OCM:……
shower...and use soap
  • lipstick gloss
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