Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ow do i clear these pimples, blackheads,and zits.?

okay so i have been using what hear is some of the best different things to clear up my skin. i am currently using proactiv and have been for almost 2 months. i recently used neutrogena, acne free, clean and clear, and stridex. i used stridex pads and they seemed to help but not clear it up for good. please help me!!!Ow do i clear these pimples, blackheads,and zits.?
you have to treat your skin before you get breakouts, not wait until they happen, uae aloeride, its an aloe vera pill, that will keep your pores clean from the inside out so breakouts dont happen, there are no products that clear your skin in one or two days. learn more about aloeride at this link鈥?/a> Ow do i clear these pimples, blackheads,and zits.?
Your doctor might be able to prescribe some long-term antibiotics for pimples and zits (my gp gave me minocyclin a few years back until I outgrew the problem) but in my experience you can never really get rid of blackheads except for by squeezing them - but you can allegedly prevent them by using those blackhead clearing scrubs and cleansers.
Wash your face a lot, and drink lots of water.

Wash your hands, because you touch germs all the time with your hands anything. The keyboard, the remote control and then you touch your face.

I heard toothpaste works, I tried it it didn't really work that well for me but it has for many other people, so maybe you're one of them.
believe it or not, drink more water. it unclogs pores, and washes out your facee! [[ :

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