Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to remove blackheads from my nose?

Can anyone recomend any good productsHow to remove blackheads from my nose?
pore strips!

or a good exfoliating face soap.

biore pore strips work well.

they are pretty much anywhere, from walmart to target to walgreensHow to remove blackheads from my nose?
Blackhead is typically caused by excessive oil and makeup that can facilitate the multiplication of its causative microorganism. Any mask for your skin type will work well.

Here is a great link for home remedies to treat blackheads鈥?/a>
here try this I saw a dermotolgist use it on the style channel. I wanted to know what it was called;鈥?/a>

this is what it is called鈥?/a>

and this is a cheaper version that does the same at sally鈥?/a>

I going to stop telling my secret. sike, we all should look beautiful not just ppl on tv.
ya pore strips are pretty good andyou can just squeeze them out.
I have tried almost every product to remove black heads! There is no product that really removes blackheads. You have to physically get them out (by squeezing) or get a facial every couple of weeks. If you do still want to try products try anything that has salicylic acid. Hope that helps!

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