Monday, December 14, 2009

How to get rid of deep blackheads on my neck?

eww on ur neck that's gross...sorry

You can wrap a hot towel around your neck for around 10 minutes and that should open the pores and some will come off, then scrab your neck with squash or use those sticky papers on itHow to get rid of deep blackheads on my neck?
Pick out an UGLY FAT CHICK and let her give you a hickey.How to get rid of deep blackheads on my neck?
lol.. to Thomas. that's actually funny lol

but to answer your question.... exfoliate once a week, dont try to pop them it will just make it worse.. Always have the area clean, try sea breeze deep clean, that works wonders for me.

if it continues,see a dermatologist .. she will be able to give you the best solution.
get a Magic Peeling Glove
black heads on neck? go to and buy a product called Isotretinoin. (accutane) No perscription required. This product does have side effects such as dry skin and not reccomended to take if you have depression problems. i used it and it worked wonders. never in my life have i used a product so effective. the only side effect i experienced was extremely chapped lips. if you decide to use this product send something to and ill explain the dosages to you. good luck because no one deserves to have acne!

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