Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How to get rid of blackheads forever?

does retin a get rid of blackheads and how much time does it take to get rid of them ???How to get rid of blackheads forever?
to be honest you cant, but u can do things to prevent more -

wash face daily, to remove grease ect.

dont poke them or squeeze them

try lying down in the sun, its a trick that gets rid of spots and some say it rids you of blackheads aswell, but since ur desperate its worth a tryHow to get rid of blackheads forever?
I pop them out and use a deep cleaning astringent afterward but they still come back. I get a little enjoyment from riding my face of them but am grateful that that is the only problem I have.
Don't put anything on it. Stop using make-up and moisturizer.

Sound crazy? Probably, but your pores are getting clogged with all at the goop you are probably putting on your face. Your skin secretes its own oil and doesn't need additional grease smeared on it. Wash with water and a mild soap once or twice a day and your skin will be healthier and clearer.
hot water %26amp; Soap a couple times a day. avoid oily foods

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