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How to clear away Blackheads x.x?

Whats the best way to clear blackheads? How long would it take?

P.S. I use a kind of face wash thing for blackheads...but like i been using it for almost a year i differences ._.How to clear away Blackheads x.x?
Solutions in order of expense

1.Carefully squeeze them yourself

2. St. Ive's Apricot Facial Scrub for Blemish Prone skin (use it before your regular cleanser)

3. Biore Pore Strips (works best on your nose)

4. Get a facial (find a package for blemish/blackhead prone skin)

5. Go to a dermatologistHow to clear away Blackheads x.x?
First and foremost, go to a dermatologist.

Without a prescription:

1. B-Complex Stress Formula--Vitamins (I like Nature Made)

2. Drink lots of WATER

(Cut out pop and sugary drinks--even if they're diet; do your best to only drink water)

3. Wash your face with Aqua Glycolic Shampoo%26amp;Body (it has a higher level AHA)

I also switch up with Neutrogena Stress Oil-Free Acne Face Wash

4. Wash your face in the morning and before you go to bed.

[My Esthetician says:

When you wash your face try to use a clean towel (not that you use dirty towels), but you should change the towel that you use frequently, and only use one towel for you face; do not use the same towel for anything other than your face. When you dry your face use white paper towels; this avoids bacteria being redeposited onto your face.

She said that this alone helped more people than she could count.]

5. Exercise (releases toxins)

6. Eat more fruits and veggies (you would be amazed at what a balanced diet will do)

7. Monthly facials

(A facial once a month--the extractions clear everything up)

With a prescription:

1. Yasmine

2. Differin Gel 0.3

3. Minocycline

4. Benzol/Erythromycin topical gel

Some people say (mostly my esthetician):

1. Cut out dairy

2. Go vegetarian for a week (to detox and clean your system)

3. Cut out foods with refined flour (white flour), opt for whole grain
Stridex Pads help but rather than just wiping the area, leave it on for 5 mnutes at first; this dissolves the goop that forms the blackheads.
Ask your dermatologist to prescribe you something stronger, change your face wash, and drink more water.
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