Thursday, December 17, 2009

How do I eliminate blackheads?

ok I've had blackheads all over my nose for years %26amp; I've used [1)benzaclin 2)benzyl peroxide 3) salicylic acid 4) exfoliators 5) avita cream 6)tretinoin cream (which I've used for 7 months it has done nothing) 7) nose strips]


**please don't recommend Neutrogena products they don't work for meHow do I eliminate blackheads?
Take a bath or shower everyday.How do I eliminate blackheads?
the strips dont work it like tape i do is wash my face with a face wash that has little beads that sell like mint it works to but i have a lot of acne
When I first went to a dermatologist one of the first things he said was ';Hands off.';

If you think about it your hands are where about 90% of all things you normally come into contact with come into contact with you, everything from food, dirt, bacteria, viruses, everything. So if you keep all the stuff on your hands off of your face and wash your hands on a good basis then your problem with blackheads and acne in general might quickly fade away significantly but chances are you'll have some acne, it's extremely hard to get rid of it all once you've gotten some of it.
The ONLY thing that worked for me was plain ol' Dial soap. The pump soap worked even better, but Dial was astringent enough that it stopped the zits and the blackheads!! Better yet was Dial and one of those ';super scrubby'; things (like your Mom has in the kitchen for cleaning pots and pans, but not QUITE as rough!!!).
Well then you'va certinally tryed to do it on your own. I think its is time for you to go to a Dermatloigt (Really sorry, Can't spell to save my life!)

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