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How can you help get rid of pimples or blackheads?

A good skincare system! Avoid brands like Clean and Clear and Neutrogena. It's really worth investing in some good products like Murad, Philosophy or Clinique. Try going on You can search for skincare products based on your specific skin type and conditions.

Please don't ever try Proactiv. It will ruin your skin. The active ingredient, Benzoyl Peroxide, will dry out your skin and can cause acne scars.

If you're looking for something a little cheaper, and/or just have the occasional pimple or blackhead, I love love love Biore's Complexion Clearing line. You can get it at any drugstore, Target, or Wal-Mart.How can you help get rid of pimples or blackheads?
here is how to stop pimples dead in their tracks:

1. Try to wear makeup that is not oily pr oil based as this can cause a bad problem with acne flare up. I may mention this more than once but remember to stop squeezing your pimples as this will cause scarring and is totally unnecessary.

2. Another really effective way to stop pimples is to place an ice pack on the infected area every twenty minutes or so and hold it down for a prolonged period of time once an hour until you see a change.

3. If you are absolutely desperate and have no other choice because nothing else is working then I suggest using a concealor as this will provide a temporary fix to the problem area.

4. An old fashioned method of stopping pimples is to simply place a little tooth paste on the area and watch it dry right up. This will also help you at night so as to place a dab of your favorite tooth paste on the infected area and in the morning it should be greatly reduced if not gone all together.

5. Do not squeeze or pick at a pimple, as this will only cause it to get worse. Try good old fashioned, natural soap on a regular basis in addition to the things that have already been mentioned.How can you help get rid of pimples or blackheads?
Food doesn't cause acne. It's all hormones and genetics.

Try Neutrogena Blackhead Removing 2 in 1 pads

I just tried these last week and so far they have been working really really well. I have a lot of blackheads on my nose and chin due to combination skin and the oily parts of my face, but these have been working pretty well.
gamephon medicated soap.

(im not sure how to spell it)

but I used to get balck head and pimple on my back.(i know, ew!)

and so I decided to do something about it.

You need to drink heaps of water.

go in the sun, dont cover them with make up or hide them in anyway. sometimes a tiny bit of sunburn can help.

salt water works wonders!! go to the beach and just soak up the salty goodness lol!!

and also that soap I mentioned.

its a bit dearer,. and its not a popualr brand

but it really cleared my skin.

if you have oily skin which hazel toner is really good

use it as much as you like every day.

basically morning and night works fine

but after I did all that stuff, I really noticed a difference
We have cream that can improve your skin condition for acne problem, dryness, pimples, visible big pores, whitening effect, blackheads, balancing oil %26amp; lightening pigmentation. A facial cleanser. For products catalogues and price pls email us. Thanks.
if ur skin is too oily,try staying away from direct sunlight or hot place(without ac things like that) and best is good quality face scrub or facial soap and use it every time u feel oil on ur skin...the idea is too keep ur skin as much as oil free and clean,coz dust and other dirty particles in air can stick on ur skin if their is oil on ur skin.use creams and other stuff but make sure that cream is not adding more oil into ur skin.example cold creams etc...u can use fair n lovely,best night cream though u can use it any time.

last n imp ...summer days drink lot of water as much as u can..stay away from dust pollution,use face scarf,bandana,goggles wen ur out..
I use the Neutrogena Wave. But go to a pharmacy or wal mart, and you'll probably just have to test out different products to see what is right for you. Good luck.
Eating healthy and drinking water won't get rid of them, but they'll prevent them altogether.

After I sleep over someone's house or go to a party, I get a few pimples because of the junk food :3
You can try using clay masks as they help remove dirt from deep inside and clear your skin of impurities. More such solutions at
Keep your face clean! Wash every day!

~Wii Zoner

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