Monday, December 14, 2009

The best thing to do to get rid of BlackHeads???

My face looks fine. but when i look real close in the mirror

I have little black heads on my nose.

I wash my face with clinique. But i still have those little black heads !

Anybody know how to get rid of them??The best thing to do to get rid of BlackHeads???
try the clean and clear ';clear pore nose strips';...

if you haven't heard of them they're little strips of like gel that kinda hardens, like a face mask does right but is stick so you put it on, let it dry and then rip it off like a band aid, and it pulls all the black heads out...The best thing to do to get rid of BlackHeads???
Nose-Strips, try Biore.
buy Avon clearskin purifying astringent blackhead cleansing formula it is the best stuff and it only costs 5 bucks
Take sugar and mix it with water. Then soak your nose in that for awhile.

It works wonders!!!
Well basically, we all know the skin is the largest organ in the body and for that it needs constant care. Your skin is constantly shedding and the old layer of skin is being pushed away by the newer skin layer. Exfoliating the top most old layer of your skin ';Stratum Corneum'; helps the newer skin layer emerge and moisturizers other treatments becomes more effective. The stratum corneum mostly acts as a barrier between the outside world and the lower skin layers. It keeps all but the smallest molecules from getting through, so if we exfoliate it, then the products that you are using on your face will be more effective.

A blackhead is basically a plug in the pore made up of oil, dead cells and bacteria. If the skin pore remains open, the exposure to the air causes the plug to darken in color, this resulting in a blackhead. If the pore is closed, a whitehead forms because of the build up of white blood cells that attacks the bacteria in the plug.

Everyone has pores. Pores are inevitable and they are only visible if they have dirt and oil in them. Once they are stretched, it is pretty much impossible to close them unless you have laser treatments, but we can stop them from getting bigger and clear them. By that, exfoliating your skin to promote the newer skin layer to rejuvenate will help keep the pores clear. A clear pore looks smaller than a clogged pore.

I use a Soft Bristle, Electronic toothbrush as the exfoliator tool

then i put on a exfoliator scrub, i like using:

aspirin: put 3-4 aspirin in a small dish sprinkle alittle bit of water, then put 2 drops of honey.

Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion %26amp; Peel System around $30 ?

L'Oreal Power Buff Anti Roughness $10

Make sure your face has been washed, and take the exfoliating scrub of your choice and with the electric toothbrush, gently apply it and scrub your skin. use circular mosions and don't forget around the nose area.

after use a great toner, perferbly a toner for pores

then a good moisturizer like,

Neutrogena Health Skin Anti-wrinkle spf 20 $16

the reason i use this because it diminished wrinkles in just weeks and it has SPF to protect you from the sun.

Depending on your skin, if it is very sensitive I say use this treatment twice a week. I really hope this works for you folks.
if they are really tiny, they are NOT BLACKHEADS, trust me i even went to a dermotologist and he said its not blackheads either , he just said those are pores...STILL i didnt believe him, i was thinking 'Pores ain't BLACK!'...but then i read an article by another dermotologist and she said if u pop a ''blackhead'' and it returns in the same exact spot, then it is NOT A BLACKHEAD, its just a pore that has ''dirt'' in it or is clogged, if it is that , then don't pop it as it will only make it worse.

i have been popping those ''blackheads''.. thinking i was doing them good and ridding them, but i noticed it got worse, so i finally listened and stopped popping them and left it alone and just put acne treatment on it and it reduced and became smaller and werent as big as before
Boil water, put it close to your face for a couple of minutes then pop them in a mirror, its easier to get rid of them once you've done that.
Put honey on them. It sounds crazy but honey contains natural anti bacterial chemicals.
my great grandmother always said to press the opening of a beer bottle to your face and heat up the bottle and the pressure sucks out the...well whatever a blackhead has in it.
dont eat sweets.

proactive works
make sure your using a makeup that dosent clog pores like mineralwear. ive also heard that toothpaste gets ride of pimples but im not sure about blackheads.
I use the Biore pore perfect, deep cleansing strips (for the nose). They work well.
Man, you sound just like me! I wash my face with Clinique every night as well, and I always notice black heads. But, dont freak out,everyone has them. EVERYONE.

When i was about 13, my great grandmother taught me an old fashion trick. This may sound really gross and disgusting, but I swear it works, I do it all the time.

Take an uncooked egg and crack it into a bowl or something. Then with your fingers run the WHITE part ONLY all over your face paying special atention to your nose. Leave it on untill it completley dies, then add 10-15 min. While its dry on your face, your face will feel VERY stiff and probley uncomfortable. When its done, rinse your face off with cool water and a wash cloth. This should get rid of them super fast. I wish you the best of luck, and you should really try this.
The best thing to do is see an Esthetician and have a facial done. Try getting a glycolic peel also, this will improve your skin dramatically. (Should be done every 4-6 wks) Honestly there is no way of really getting rid of blackheads totally, but you can reduce them
check the links below for natural homemade beauty tips to:-- Acne-pimple cure/

Blemishes/Whiteheads/Blackheads/face packs鈥?/a>
I use this product daily and it really works like a charm :)鈥?/a>
Serious answer. The best thing is to use YOUR urine. Use a face pad and apply.
Nose strips.

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