Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Good stuff for blackheads?

On my nose I have some blackheads, no matter what I try they stay there! I was wondering if anyone had any good remedies/ creams? I wash my face everyday and it's the only problem area I don't have under control!Good stuff for blackheads?
prozactGood stuff for blackheads?
Sea Breeze.
Well, to prevent any type of blemish, I use noxema face wash. It has to be the kind that says it dissolves oil, though.
clean and clear blackhead pads.
Use an exfoliating facial wash with micro beads. I have black heads on my chin and nose and I found that Noxzema Blackhead Cleansing Scrub works
I was just taking about that 3 minutes ago ! I went into the batroom and scrubbed hard wih a wash cloth -soap -and hot water..I think facial scrub would be the best.
anything that will ';peel'; the skin
Two fingers and a push.....no seriously, they make those biore strips that pull out the blackheads. Just make sure you wash your face with water as hot as you can stand it first. This helps open your pores and bring the blackheads closer to the surface.

Good luck!

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