Thursday, December 17, 2009

Do your blackheads get bigger if u dont pick them?

I think they do get bigger since what they consists of comes from inside the pore.

Blackheads (comedones) are caused by excess sebum that has accumulated in the sebaceous gland's duct. All skin will scar if you don't use the proper extraction technique. You should only let your facialist do it if you aren't confident that you can do it properly. If you don't use the right technique you can damage the skin and it will scar. Also with improper technique a blackhead can become a whitehead (pustule) which is more likely to scar.

NEVER ';pick'; or lance the blemish with anything (i.e. scalpel, pin. etc.). This will not fix anything and will cause scarring.

The BEST way to get rid of blackheads is through exfoliation with a scrub as well as a product that contains salicylic acid which will exfoliate and dissolve the ';plug';.

If you chose to extract be extremely gentle. Clean the area before and after extraction. Your skin should NOT become red, inflamed, irritated or bleed. These are signs of skin damage and will usually cause scarring. Gently press down on the skin around the blemish and not in the direction of the blemish. If the plug does not easily come out leave it alone and continue to use your scrub and salicylic acid product.Do your blackheads get bigger if u dont pick them?
sometimes dont they get bigger if you do pick them?

unless you get it out... i thinkDo your blackheads get bigger if u dont pick them?
yes, they can kill you from getting to large.
my do i think

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