Tuesday, December 22, 2009

When you remove blackheads with strips on your nose does it grow back??

well am 15 years old and its my first time i want to use blackhead strips on my nose

but am really scared if it grows back and thicker and more on my nose

please can you answer this Q so i know that after using it what will happens

When you remove blackheads with strips on your nose does it grow back??
Blackheads don't grow. Imagine that you have a hole in the ground, and you fill the hole up with oil. That's basically what happens when blackheads occur. The hole, or your pores, fill up with oil. The strip latches onto the end of the blackhead and pulls it out.

When you remove blackheads with strips on your nose does it grow back??
Yes. Pore strips do more harm than good. They enlarge pores and do not thoroughly remove blackheads. They only remove the top of the blackhead.

If you want to remove blackheads, have them extracted by a licensed dermatologist. And once they're gone, prevent them from coming back by exfoliating your face regularly. Excess oil and dead skin cells clog pores making them primary culprits for blackheads.
i used proactive solutions for a bit...i really didn't like anything in the kit but the mask...lol..i think it works better thought if you leave it on over night...but really the best thing ive used and still using is...monistat 7 (old school method 7 day box) and ambe soap (face wash) for my acne...trust me...you'll see unbelievable results the next morning...btw you can get all that at walmart...the soap...look in the black section...lol..and both these...use em for how ever long you need too...


1. wash ur face with ambe soap

2.apply monosate 7...dab on forehead...cheeks...chin..rub in...do not wash...


1. repeat step 1 and 2 (of above)..just put it on a little heaver than you would in the day

2. sleep in it

3. repeat

ps...if you want to use the proactive mask...do it only once a wee...its hella harch on ur skin to use more than that...

pps...you can also use Monostat Chafing Relief Powder-Gel as a makeup primer (foundation base)!!!
Those strips work great!

the blackheads never come back because they are just dirt. Once they're out, they're out. Keep washing your face though!

if they don't work for you, try revlon blackhead eraser! IT IS AMAZINGGG!!!

good luckk x

blackheads don't grow. its basically dirt that gets collected in your pores. its natural for it to come back after a while but don't worry about it. i've been using the strips for years now and i love them
No, it doesn't work like that. Blackheads don't ';grow'; back. You'll be fine.
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