Thursday, December 17, 2009

PANSONIC PORE CLEASNER on blackheads in ear?

does the pansonic pore cleasner work on blackheads inside of the ear if not plz telll me either something similar or a home remide that will get rid of my blackheads in my ear before i go back to school(august26 )PANSONIC PORE CLEASNER on blackheads in ear?
Try not to pick at it till it's ready to be messed with, otherwise, you're only going to get it really sore. Give it some time to come to head and let a dermatologist take care of it. She will use a tool to empty it without scarring your ear and clean it really good. Otherwise, get someone to help or wait till you can do it yourself. I tried a few things, but patience was the only thing that worked. Sure bugged me till, I had to try and get it at the weirdest angles, and even with it ready, it was still hard to pop.PANSONIC PORE CLEASNER on blackheads in ear?
The products you are using, are they Salsylic Acid or Benzoyl peroxide? BP can be VERY drying. I personally like SA better. Salsylic acid it really good. It is in almost all acne washes. Benzoyl Peroxide is too drying for me! Try finding a face lotion with SA in it. Clean and Clear has a good moisturizer with SA and it helps keep pimples at bay. It is only about $5 a bottle and lasts about 2 months and you can get it at your local store. I have used this in the past and it works well. Personally, I use Biore products (which you get over the counter. Their products range from $5-$10). They are harsh on pimples, but not on your face.

Personally, Proactive didn't work for me. I have been using Biore products for over a year and I hardly ever break out! Occasionally I will get one or two, but nothing bad. I use Biore Ice Cleanser for acne and Biore warming facial scrub every morning for blackheads (This stuff works. I notcied a DRASTIC diffrence in my blackeads being GONE within 2 weeks) . And then 3-4 day s a week I use Biore purging pore cream scrub. For body acne I use Neutrogena acne body wash I never break out on my body. It gets 110 in summer so sweat in inevitably, yet I never break out. Give it a try. All of it is cheap too. About $5-10 depending on what you buy! Salsylic acid it really good. It is in almost all acne washes. Benzoyl Peroxide is too drying for me! I think you will just need to experiment with products until you find what works for you. Remember, it can take 1 month for products to fully begin working! Good Luck!

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