Thursday, December 17, 2009

I tried to get rid of BLACKHEADS but then I GOT TONS of PIMPLES!?

HELP! What did i do wrongI tried to get rid of BLACKHEADS but then I GOT TONS of PIMPLES!?
like the other user, biore is reat and you can get them for nose and face they also have a great range of pore clensers, like these

you can also put honey in a micorwave proof container enough to cover your whole face, then add one spoon of sugar, take the spoon out and put the honey in the microwave for at the most 10 seconds no more or it will melt then put it on your face and keep for about 20 mins like a mask, it might sound crazy, but i do it twice a week, it works a charm, when you think fo it, honey is natural no chemicals at all, and its soo good for you and u can use it as much as u want, its amazing try it yourself but i realy recomend biore strips for pores, and to get ri of those pimples, honey, or a clanser, it can sometime sbe cause by whatever u used inflaming the pore so dont use that product again, and if simptoms prosist contact your local gp, but i cant help as muh beacuse i dont know what you did to try and get rid of them in the first place but anywayss sorry and good luck xxxI tried to get rid of BLACKHEADS but then I GOT TONS of PIMPLES!?
Sounds like you had some type of allergic reaction. First, wash your face two times daily in tepid water. Not warm and not cold. Tepid water. Also, keep it simple. Just use a face wash, toner, and moitsturizer. If you are a teenager, I know that proactive is helpful. It might help if you went to a store Like Origins and had them customize your skin care. Good luck and I hope that your skin clears up.
Deep cleaning skin lifts deep down dirt/oil and may cause a breakout.

The key is to exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Do it 1 to 2 times a week. Mix a tablespoon of sugar with your face soap and wash gently then tone and moisturize.
I had problems with acne on my forehead. I was one of those boys who was into the long hair stuff. Girls digged it. But, for the summer I decided to cut my hair. Now, my pimples are all gone.

Also, never pop your pimples, it never works, you just make it worse.
Use ProActiv. I have it and it works really well. I used to have a lot of pimples and i used it and it was amazing. Now my whole face is clear. Its great, really. Use it. Ive been using it ever since 6th grade and it wont let you down. Promise (:

I dont know what you did wrong because you didnt tell us what you did in the first place.

Try using biore pore cleansing strips...they work well.

This video shows how well it works.;f鈥?/a>

And they are 6.99 almost everywhere.
well if you squeezed them out then mabey the black head juice went where the pimples grew and since it is greecey then probably pimples grew to avoid blackheads and pimples never touch your face when your hands are greecey thats how these things grow
make sure you use hot water and not cold,,, and use some cream i use murad,,,

it works amazingly!

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