Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to get rid of blackheads?

I have a severe blackhead problem.

They are all over my face and tons of them.

please help with any products that actually work.

I can't go to a dermatologist and proactiv didn't workHow to get rid of blackheads?
clean and clear blackhead eraserHow to get rid of blackheads?
neutrogena skin ID!
You can try scrubbing your face more in the shower and after that getting alcohol pads and cleaning your face off after wards that will kill any bacteria left.
THIS WORKS, and its easy and cheap.

Get a facial scrub, if you dont have one use sugar with lemon juice (or water)

Scrub off the dead skin, rinse your face

Get a CLEAN face cloth and run it under hot water, (not to hot that it will burn your face) hold it over your affected are for about 5 minutes, re-rinse with hot water if it cools, (this loosens the dirt underneath)

Then, use a mild soap and wash your face, rinse it and pat dry with the damp cloth that you used earlier, (washed away the dirt)

Do that everyday, depending on how bad it is, and BAM they are gone.
acne free... its wut i use
You should defenitly try skin ID it gives you a quizz so you know it is mad just for you
A way of getting rid of them is by; bringing a pot of water to a boil and sticking your face over it, so that the steam opens your pores up. You can then wash your face real well, and some of them might come out.
i heard apple cider vinigar works wonders. I've learned from many different sources. Also you can look it up on the internet, i've found not one negative answer.

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