Sunday, April 25, 2010

Since i was a young teenager ive had problems w/ blackheads?

is there something out there that really helps? i use the Biore blackhead strips from time to time but it never seems to get most of the blackheads. i want something that really worksSince i was a young teenager ive had problems w/ blackheads?
Try the skinID thing. it will tell you the kind of product that you personally need (you have to fill out a questionaire) and even if you don't use the skin iD then you can still use the same ingredient in a different product.

i needed salclayic acid, and i went out and bought another brand w/ salclayic acid.Since i was a young teenager ive had problems w/ blackheads?
Everyone says that there is something out there that will remove your pimples and your face with be smooth. Well, that is not true. Pimples, blackheads, whatever you want to call them they are all apart of puberty.

I do use skin products though....i mostly use clean and clear just because it is not as expensive as any other brand and because it works for small pimples that are easy to get rid of. But if you have large problems just wash your face and try your best not to touch your face. The germs and dirt on your hands will create pimples and fast.
make sure you're using them right cuz i was an idiot and went and used them wrong the way cuz i didn't read the directions lol XD

i suggest reeeeally watching where you put your hands if you're like...sitting in class or something. I usually pull my jacket sleeves over my hands if i want to hold my head on my hands. don't over-wash your face, just in the morning and at night. Use toner and lotion(FACE LOTION ONLY!) make sure your hands are clean anyway in case you forget and touch your face for too long.

hope it helped...if this doesn't help (which it unfortunately doesn't for me), it might just run in your genes so theres nothing to do besides really expensive facials and crap like that...
This is going to sound weird, but use those microfibre cloths you can get from the cleaning section of the supermarket. Be careful you don't scrub too hard, and just use them with water. It always makes my skin look fantastic.
Use clean and clear blackhead scrub thing. Then wash face with warm water and use a cleanser. Make sure that you wash your face everyday with a blackhead wash or scrub! And moisturize when you get out of the shower!
i use Differin, its really great! but you have to use it everyday, or they'll come baq!
Use St. Ive's Scrub and see a dermatologist.

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