Sunday, April 25, 2010

Does acnefree work on colsed blackheads???

i have blackheads on my face and was wondering does acnefree work on the backheads that are deep in ur skin, the blackheads that look like birthmark.. if acnefree does not work on these types of blackheads then wat does???Does acnefree work on colsed blackheads???
Find a school in your area that does Aesthetics/esthetics and get a deep-pore facial. If there's not one close by the kick out the $$ for a professional one.

Then steam and maintain the new look at home as needed.Does acnefree work on colsed blackheads???
sue does
try tips and articles on treating acne on this site
gurl i am going though the same thang get that stuff that clears up in three days that clean and clear stuff that is on the tv it dont cost alot they got it at walmart and u got to keep useing it and trust in the lord that he will fix it fo u that is my answer.
Sure it does. It also works in dogs and cats.
i dont think it dose but pracne works so well and they have a cream i dont know the name but it works really good and if you have deep ones there gone with in a week no joke

(pracne have a mag look in there)

thay even have make up w/ acne free stuff in it
go to this website and get some tips...

hope i helped
probablly not....term for blackheads is ';comedomes';......for severe ones, you may need to ask at a beauty supply store about a comedome extractor, or a salon that specializes in facials....improper washing may be a cause ( clogged pores).....use face wash, not soap or detergents %26amp; preferrably fragrance free...wet with warm water (opens the pores) gently wash %26amp; rinse thoroughly...follow with a splash of cold water (closes the pores).....before applying anything to the face ( moisturizers, cosmetics, etc) splash with cold water to assure the pores are closed to help prevent any of it from clogging up the pores
You may have blemishes, you can try something especially made for that. They have so much stuff in the stores now to fix any acne problem. Just take your time and find the one that best fits your problem
Go see a Dermatologist or Esthetician. They have special products and tools to get rid of Black heads. As far as over the counter products im not to sure. I have sensitive skin so I use Neutrogena they have a scrub too thats really good I forgot what it's called but it is blue and they have micro-beads in it.

Good luck!
No, but it works on closed ones.
Here is someting that you could try Herbalife Aloe Bar. It really works and it is all natural. You will see results in as little as 1 day.

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