Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to get rid of blackheads?


i dont like doing this because i hate having black heads (same as everyone) but i have heard off ways to get rid off blackheads i have tried some but nothing worked! please thell me some really good ways,

if you have had them and hat got rid off them then please tell...How to get rid of blackheads?
neutrogena worked for me black head eliminating. It is in a orange container. Its a face scrub it looks white with orange balls in it. Btw i have tryed nose strips but they dnt work for me.How to get rid of blackheads?
Try using Nivea Men's Energizing Face scrub. It has scrubbing granules in the exfoliator and reduces oil on your face and nose. The less oil on your face, the less blackheads will show up and the ones already there will start to disappear and become less noticeable after a while. If the blackheads are just on your nose, you can use nose strips that contain charcoal powder because the charcoal reduces the sebum(oil) on your face. Best of luck to you.
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