Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Neutrogena Wave work on blackheads?

?Neutrogena Wave work on blackheads?
I have the wave, but I don't get blackheads, but I'm 99% sure that it would work on blackheads because it treats everything else (like multiple causes of acne), and it also leaves my skin smooth, silky, and under-control. And the wave is about $15- not that much because it has great quality. And in that 1% chance that it doesn't work try the Clean %26amp; Clear blackhead eraser. I'm sure it is not highly priced.Neutrogena Wave work on blackheads?
I have the wave, and it absolutely does work on blackheads. It always leaves my skin feeling smooth and flawless. I definitely recommend getting this product to treat blackheads. Hope I helped a bit. :)
Nope. The Neutrogena Wave doesn't really work for anything. It makes your face clean, but it doesn't get rid of acne or blackheads.
it's not work on Blackheads but work in your feeling which no one knows?
i don't think so, i think it just cleanses your face

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