Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hydrogen peroxide for blackheads?

if i put hydrogen peroxide on my nose;

would it take away the blackheads?

idk, i just had an idea, and i don't want to burn my nose

or something.Hydrogen peroxide for blackheads?
Using hydrogen peroxide won't take away your blackheads. You should try Nuetrigina Blackheads Eliminating Daily Scrub . I also use to have blackheads on my nose I started to use that daily scrub it has helped me a lot. Use it everyday once a day is fine or could use it day and night. You could get it at any store CVS, TARGET, WAlMART etc..Hydrogen peroxide for blackheads?
it might dry out the skin on your nose to the point that it gets really flaky and peels off (i have the same problem w/ my nose and any harsh products like peroxide or tea tree oil has that effect.) If you do try it, i would recommend doing it on a weekend when you don't have to really go out or anything, just in case you get a reaction! Maybe just try a small area of your nose at first.
I don't think it will remove the blackheads, but it might make your skin white for a minute or two. Don't worry, it won't harm you, it just won't be effective.
its benzyol peroxide you use for spots hydrogen peroxide is in hair dye.... yes if you get a cream containing bonzyol peroxide it will take away spots slightly quicker
It will help dry it out. Shouldn't burn your nose off though!! I use peroxide on zits on my face to help dry them up! I haven't had any problems.

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